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Car and Truck Tire Valve Stems and Caps for the Shelby

Perhaps your Shelby car or truck tire valve caps are missing, or maybe you have a leaky stem. Either way, replacing these parts is an easy fix. You should also know how they contribute to your tire’s performance.

Why do you need Shelby valve caps on your tires?

The valve cap contains a rubber seal to keep dirt and moisture from seeping into the valve stem core. Multiple factors can cause the cap to fall off, including your car or truck wheels hitting bumps in the road, or brushing tires against a curb. Although missing valve caps do not show immediate consequences, you may notice a gradual decrease in your tire’s performance and air pressure.

  • Valve caps cover the valve stem on the rims of the car to prevent debris contamination.
  • The caps serve as a backup to seal the pressure in the tire.
  • Caps help tighten and loosen the tire valve core.
How do you know when to replace a valve stem?

As valve stems on the tires age, they can become worn. The sun and salt can also cause damage to the wheels tire valve. If you notice your car tires going low after you have topped them off, you may need to replace the valve stem. Sometimes, car and truck owners assume the tire has a hole. You can inspect the tire valve first by following these steps.

  1. Jack up the tire on your car or truck. Remove the wheel and place it on a flat surface. Check for signs of corrosion around the valve and clean the threads if necessary.
  2. Determine if there is a valve leak by squirting the valve with soapy water. If it makes bubbles, you have a leaky valve.
  3. If the wheel valve is faulty, remove the core. Wear safety goggles to prevent dust particles from entering your eyes when air pressure is released from the tire valve.
  4. Screw in a new core, being careful not to strip the threads on the tire valve.
  5. Replace the tire and refill it with air before covering the tire valve with a valve stem cap.
What designs are there on Shelby valve caps?

You will find a wide assortment of Shelby valve caps. Designs include cobras, the Mustang logo, and the letters SVT for Special Vehicle Team. The caps range in color, shape, and materials. A few designs are listed below.

  • Screwdriver design caps have an hexagonal-shaped bottom to fit over the tire valve. The caps are made of various materials and feature words and logos for the Shelby 5.0 and the Mach 1, as well as those with the Cobra and Mustang images.
  • You will find round caps made of chrome or ABS plastic to fit the tire valve. Some caps have four indentations for added style. Choices for the Shelby car and truck include the SVT logo and the Mustang horse.
  • Epoxy dome caps are available with three or four custom numbers. They are available for the tire valve on both cars and trucks. Cap options include chrome-plated brass or billet aluminum with your choice of epoxy dome colors. There are also brass and chrome-plated valve caps with the Ford Mustang Cobra on a white background.