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Wheel Lugs for Porsche

If you drive a Porsche, you probably appreciate quality engineering. That extends to even the smallest parts of the car, like the lug nuts. Whether you are restoring an older car or dressing up a late model, you can find options that meet your high standards.

What are the features of Porsche wheel lug nuts?

Wheel lug nuts are parts that help hold the wheels onto the car. They tighten onto the wheel studs extending from the axle to keep the wheels securely attached.

Length: The length of lug nuts can vary across styles. You may need shorter lugs to fit under a wheel cover or longer ones to extend far enough to access with a wrench. As long as the nut has the right thread and seat, the length is largely a matter of personal preference. Do keep in mind that the nut must screw onto the wheel stud a distance that is at least equal to the diameter of the stud.

Locks: If you want to protect your rims from theft, you can choose wheel locks. These locking lug nuts can only be removed with a special key that is unique to that set of nuts. Most people only use one lock on each rim to save the extra time it takes to remove them if you need to change the tire.

What is the bolt pattern of a Porsche?

Porsche has used three different bolt patterns over the years. Model years of the 924, from 1977 through 1986, have a pattern of 4 x 108. Boxster models from 2002 on have a pattern of 5 x 108. All other Porsches typically have a 5 x 130 bolt pattern.

The first number of the bolt pattern tells you that the cars have either four or five lug nuts on each wheel. The second number means that the circle the nuts form when they are installed on the rims is either 108 or 130 millimeters in diameter.

What is the thread pattern of Porsche lug nuts?

The thread size and thread pitch of Porsche lug nuts varies by the model and year. They are either 12 x 1.5 or 14 x 1.5. The first number is the thread size. It tells you that the wheel studs on the car are either 12 or 14 millimeters in diameter, measured from the outer edges of the threads. Thread pitch is the distance the threads are from each other, in this case, 1.5 millimeters. The lug nuts need to have the same size and pitch to be compatible with the studs.

What is the seat type of Porsche lug nuts?

The factory lug nuts on most Porsche cars have a ball seat. This type is also sometimes called a spherical or radial seat. It fastens down against a cup-shaped pit on the rim to form a secure hold.