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eBay Cell Phone Cases, Covers, and Skins

Protect your smartphone with new or used eBay phone cases, covers, and skins. Find compatible brands and multiple designs when you shop our online marketplace.

From the new iPhone Pro Max to that classic Nokia you just can't bring yourself to part with, every cell phone needs a protective case or skin to keep it looking good and working correctly. Sellers on eBay offer a huge selection of covers, including hard-to-find cases for phones that are no longer in production. Browse eBay to find the perfect cell phone case in your price range.

What to Consider When Shopping for Cell Phone Cases, Covers, and Skins

  • Compatibility: Ensure the case is specifically designed for your phone model to guarantee a proper fit.
  • Protection level: Evaluate the level of protection the case offers, considering factors like drop resistance, shock absorption, and screen protection.
  • Material quality: Choose a case made from durable and high-quality materials, such as TPU, polycarbonate, leather, or rugged materials, based on your preferences and lifestyle.
  • Design and style: Explore various designs and styles to find a case that matches your taste and enhances the aesthetic of your phone.
  • Functionality: Consider additional features like kickstands, wallet compartments, or cardholders based on your practical needs.
  • Slim vs. bulky: Decide whether you prefer a slim profile that maintains the phone's sleek design or a bulkier case that provides maximum protection.
  • Wireless charging compatibility: Verify if the case allows for wireless charging without the need for removal.
  • Brand reputation: Consider reputable brands known for producing durable and high-performance phone cases.
  • Grip and texture: Assess the case's grip and texture to ensure it feels comfortable in your hand and minimizes the risk of accidental drops.
  • Water and dust resistance: Check if the case offers any level of water or dust resistance to safeguard your phone in various environments.

In the Name of Fashion

Have you invested in the latest iPhone? Or maybe you're using the newest Samsung Galaxy? Either way, you need a cell phone cover for sale that looks nice but doesn't hide the device's designer charms. With brands such as OtterBox and LifeProof, you can ensure your phone has optimum protection without sacrificing style.

Sellers on eBay have a wide inventory of top-name brands in new condition. This makes it easy to find a case that is a true reflection of your fashion-forward personality.

Pick the Perfect Accessories

It's important to get smartphone accessories that match your lifestyle. Choose from brand new premium brands like Spigen and Incipio that make a bold statement every time you answer a call. Or pick out something functional and understated from the inventory of budget options for cost-conscious buyers, such as items from Speck.

Do you have an older iPhone or cell phone in an uncommon size? On eBay, it's even possible to find cases for older phones that you cannot get in stores. With a case for every phone and every budget, you can purchase on eBay with confidence.