Cell Phone LCD Screens for Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Innovative Cell Phone LCD Screens for Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Cell phone LCD screens for the Galaxy Note 4 allow you to replace the current interface on your Samsung smartphone. This product may also be known as the "display assembly" for the Note 4.

What is the Samsung Galaxy Note 4?

The Galaxy Note 4 is an Android smartphone categorized as a phablet. A phablet is a device which has an interface that is generally larger than a smartphone but smaller than that of a tablet. Released in October 2014, this device is a successor to the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Below are some technical information regarding this device:

  • Dimensions: Height 6.04 inches, width 3.09 inches, depth 0.33 inches
  • Weight: 6.2 ounces
  • Operating System: Android 4.4.4, codename "KitKat"
What is an LCD screen?

This is the digital interface screen on the Galaxy Note 4. This interface will allow you to make calls, to open and operate apps, and to use other components of the device via the touchscreen interface. LCD stands for liquid crystal display and is common on smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices.

When should this interface be replaced?

Many people will opt to replace the display assembly on their devices if it is cracked. However, the devices interface may still be able to operate even if the screen is cracked. However, if the interface is damaged to the point that it is no longer working properly, then it is highly recommended that the interface be replaced. Also, if the interface is visibly undamaged, it may still have some operating issues that may require that the interface be replaced.

How is the display assembly replaced?

In order to replace the display assembly on the Galaxy Note 4, you will need the following tools: A small Phillips screwdriver, plastic opening tools, fine-tipped curved tweezers, and a multi-purpose heat gun (you can also use a blow dryer). Using the plastic tool, remove the rear cover. Second, remove the battery. Next, remove the SIM and microSD cards. Use the small Phillips screwdriver to remove the mid-frame of the Galaxy Note 4. Next remove the stylus. Use the opening tool to remove the mid-frame. Next, use the small Phillips screwdriver to remove the motherboard from the display assembly and framework. Now, use the heat gun to remove the framework from the display assembly. Remove the old display assembly, and then install the new display assembly onto the framework. Finally, reassemble the Galaxy Note 4.

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