Keep Your iPhone 6 Together with the Right Fasteners

Your iPhone 6 is a complex assemblage of parts that includes many unique components. The case, chassis, and other internal hardware require specialized screws to keep them connected together. Here's some information on these fasteners used on your phone just in case an accident happens and you need to make some repairs.

Where are screws used on the iPhone 6?

You want to tear down your iPhone because you want to replace a component or maybe just for fun. Either way, you're going to encounter a lot of screws used as component fasteners. Some of the places where you'll find them used as attachment hardware for the iPhone are the:

  • Phone case
  • LCD display and digitizer cable cover
  • Home button assembly
  • Earpiece speaker bracket
  • Battery cover
Why keep a complete set of screws on hand?

If you intend on opening an iPhone case, and especially if you're in the phone repair business, a complete set of fasteners specific to the iPhone 6 can be useful to have on hand before you begin. Whether you're doing it to replace a battery or damaged component, or just to test for a loose connection, opening the phone case will involve encountering fasteners that are specific to the design of your Apple product. If even one of them is lost, the phone may behave erratically or not function at all. Having a complete set gives you an immediate replacement for a lost fastener rather than having to wait before the phone can be restored to working order.

What are pentalobe screws?

When you want to open a iPhone 6 case, the first fasteners you'll encounter are the pentalobe screws that fasten the case together. Pentalobe screws resemble conventional ones except that the drive cavity that the driver fits into is shaped like a five-pointed star made with circles instead of triangles. These are proprietary design fasteners designed to be tamper-resistant. You'll need a pentalobe driver to unscrew them. Pentalobe drivers are often included in Apple product repair kits.

What kinds of tools are needed for disassembling an iPhone?

You have dead pixels on your LCD display touchscreen and you want to replace the digitizer assembly. To do the job, you have procured a replacement assembly and fasteners in case one or more is lost. You'll also need a complete kit of specialized tools. These kits include tools such as:

  • Screwdrivers: Includes pentalobe, Philips, and tri-point types.
  • Pry tools: Configured pieces of plastic designed to fit into crevices and pry apart specific components.
  • Tweezers: Used for removing the connectors.
  • Suction cup: Used for lifting the display assembly from the rest of the casing so that a pry tool can be inserted into the crevice.
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