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Keep Your iPhone 6 Plus Safe and Stylish With a Clear Bumper Case

Clear bumper cases come in a variety of different colors and designs, offering an array of protective features. Protective features offer resistance to shock and weather-related hazards. In addition, the clear covers available come equipped with additional features that add functionality for different situations.

What are the different colors and patterns available?

Several of the covers in this collection have clear backings that are completely transparent. However, some have bumpers along the case sides that contain a color. The material along the sides of these phones is different than the material on the case backing. In select cases, the backing of a product may have a color present while maintaining transparency. In these cases, the backing of the phone is still visible, but it will have a color overlaid. Specific models may have a range of colors available while some products will only come in a single color. In addition to colors, finishes vary among products and range from glossy to plain depending on the individual case model. Some of the different colors available for iPhone 6 Plus case backings include the following:

  • Black
  • Gold
  • Rose-gold
  • Red
  • Pink
What are some of the protective features and materials?

The products provide resistance to several different hazards, including shocks, scratches, dirt, dust, and debris. Some of the cases include tempered glass for the screen of the phones they protect in order to protect against screen damage. Beveled edges on cases are included to provide a grip when a phone is laid face down to prevent slipping and to add an extra layer of protection. Buttons have protective layers that prevent against damage while leaving functionality intact. Silicone gel rubber is used along the sides of many of the products in order to provide a soft layer of protection to resist shocks upon drops, such as on hard pavement or your basement floor. Hard plastic and tempered glass covers for the back and front of phones provide shock-resistance as well. Products may feature military-grade drop protection in some instances.

Do the products have additional functionality other than protection?

In select products, there may be additional features present to add convenience. One feature is a ring attachment. This feature can be used to stand a phone up for viewing at an angle on a table. In addition, it allows wearers to hold a phone around their fingers more securely. In some instances, there may be a deployable kickstand on the backside of the case that is also able to hold the cover up for hands-free viewing.

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