Cápsulas y cápsulas de café

Coffee Capsules & Pods Add Ease to Your Morning Routine

While regular coffee pots still pour our favorite morning drink in restaurants and cafes, machines that use single-serving pods and capsules now stand in our kitchens. These machines are popular for their ability to create a perfectly brewed cup of coffee in a short time.

What are the benefits of using coffee capsules & pods?

There are several advantages to getting your coffee from a single-serving machine. We all know that it's a fast way to create a consistent drink. Here are some additional pluses:

  • Ground coffee stays fresh longer when you buy it in coffee pods compared to large packages.
  • You can have a wide assortment of flavored coffee pods even if you have no barista skills. Be adventurous and try a new drink every day with a variety pack.
  • Machines that use coffee pods or capsules are generally easy to clean.
What are some points to remember before trying coffee capsules & pods?

Before you buy coffee capsules or pods, remember these tips:

  • In general, you cannot recycle plastic coffee pods. Instead, you can buy reusable filter pods and fill them with your favorite ground coffee. You'll have a perfect cup with less waste.
  • Check your single-serve machine and your package of pods to see if they work together correctly.
  • Your single-serve coffee might not taste the same as a cup crafted by your favorite coffee shop.
  • Coffee pods are more expensive than a package of ground coffee. Try reusable filter pods to lower the cost.
What are the differences between brands of coffee capsules & pods?

Coffee capsules and pods have changed the way we make coffee at home. Here are some differences between three widely available single-serve coffee pod brands:

  • Keurig: A variety of coffee pods work with Keurig systems. You'll find decaffeinated coffee pods as well as caffeinated ones. Several brands of flavored coffee pods also work in Keurig coffee makers.
  • Nespresso: Nespresso machines brew mostly espresso. They also have select varieties of regular coffee.
  • illy IperEspresso: illy's selection of pods is smaller than that of other brands. They still produce quality medium roast, dark roast, decaffeinated, and Lungo capsules.

Remember that these brands do not work in the same way. You must select a coffee capsule or pod that is made for your machine. For example, a Nespresso pod will not work in a Keurig machine.

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