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Coleman RV, Trailer, and Camper Parts

RVing is an iconic American means of travel that brings to mind family vacations, campgrounds, and once in a lifetime opportunities to see historic national sites in person. The RV lifestyle is growing and thriving as people choose to live and work on the road. Outfitting your camper, trailer, or pop-up with the necessary Coleman accessories and parts will help you hit the road with confidence and comfort.

How many AC units are needed to cool an RV?

The number of AC units needed to adequately cool a recreational vehicle will depend on a variety of factors, including the overall size of the RV, the duration of travel, as well as the season and weather conditions in which the travel occurs. Consider these factors:

  • RVs longer than 30 feet may have a large enough interior space to cool that a second AC unit or AC/heat pump unit would be more efficient.
  • If you use your RV for short trips rather than extended or lifestyle travel, your overall AC needs and usage may be less than those of a full-time user.
  • Traveling during the heat of summer in hot climates may necessitate a second AC unit.
What are the different types of RV awnings?

Coleman RV awnings offer the comfort of a shaded outdoor space for travelers. There are five main types:

  • Fixed units, which only shade windows and doors to offer limited protection from sun and rain
  • Slide-out units, often made of canvas, that are stored in a space under the roof of the RV and can be easily opened when the vehicle is stopped
  • Roller units, both mechanically controlled and manually operated, which are often longer than a slide out and can cast a larger shadow
  • Automated retractable, which deploy and roll up with the touch of a button
  • Patio units, which can create a separate outdoor room outside your RV and greatly increase the size of your living zones
What are some essential RV accessories?

Before you hit the open road in your RV, whether for a short vacation or a new lifestyle, youll need to equip it with some essential accessories for handling the necessities of life at RV hookups and campgrounds.

  • Sewer hose and a sewer track – The first handles offloading all the sewage produced in your bathroom by transporting it to the dump station while the second lifts the sewer hose high enough off the ground to allow gravity to speed the process.
  • Drinking water hose with an attachable water filter – These are two separate items that allow you to purify the water you bring into your RV for cooking and drinking.
  • Water pressure regulator – This accessory helps reduce the high-powered water pressure often found at RV parks and hookups.
  • 30-50 amp plug adapter – This adapter ensures that you can power your RV at any hookup site.