Collectible Montblanc Ballpoint Pens

For almost a century, Montblanc has been manufacturing pens. You can find fountain pens crafted in silver as well as engraved ballpoint pens made from gold.

What are the features of the Montblanc StarWalker pen?

The StarWalker line of Montblanc pens includes 36 designs. Each pen features a metal barrel. You can find fine-liners, ballpoints, fountain pens, and screenwriters, which can double as styluses for your phone or tablet. The following are a few of the different Montblanc writing instruments:

  • The StarWalker Midnight Black ScreenWriter S Pen features a barrel with a black resin overlay, ruthenium-plated clip and rings, and a transparent cap.
  • The StarWalker Extreme Steel Fountain Pen has a barrel and cap made of stainless steel with PVD-coated inlays. The clip and fittings are platinum-coated, and the 14-karat nib is handcrafted.
  • The StarWalker Red Gold Resin Ballpoint Pen has a black finish with metallic details.
What is the Montblanc Meisterstuck pen collection?

The Meisterstuck writing instrument collection was started over 90 years ago. Some examples of these pen designs include:

  • The Meisterstuck White Solitaire Red Gold Classique Rollerball, which has a classic white-lacquered barrel with red-gold detailing
  • The Meisterstuck Solitaire Doue Stainless Steel Classique design, which is available as everything from a fountain pen to a mechanical pencil and has stainless-steel accents that offset a sleek, black, precious-resin barrel
  • The Meisterstuck Doue Geometric Dimension Platinum Classique Ballpoint Pen, which is similar to the stainless-steel design with the exception of a three-dimensional pattern etched into the platinum cap
Does Montblanc make pen refills?

Montblanc produces bottled ink, ink cartridges, ballpoint, rollerball, fine-liner pens, and marker refills in many colors and sizes. Some of the color options for pen refills include yellow, mystery black, velvet red, midnight blue, lavender purple, lucky orange, Irish green, and permanent blue.

What are features of the Meisterstuck Gold-Coated Classique ballpoint pen?

The Meisterstuck Gold-Coated Classique ballpoint pen features a gold-coated clip, black resin barrel, and a cap also made from black resin with the Montblanc emblem. You can find Montblanc ballpoint pen ink refills for this writing utensil.

What are features of the Meisterstuck Solitaire Geometric Dimension pen?

The Meisterstuck Solitaire Geometric Dimension ballpoint pen has a three-dimensional geometric pattern in a champagne tone. This pen also has the mother-of-pearl Montblanc emblem as well as a champagne-colored, gold-coated clip and cap that includes the emblem. You can find Montblanc ballpoint pen refills for this style in mystery black, Pacific blue, nightfire Red, fortune green, amethyst purple, and Barbados blue.

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