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Computer Stands, Holders, and Car Mounts for Easy Laptop Access

While theyre called \"laptops,\" its often difficult to work with your computer in your lap. You might find yourself needing extra space for a mouse or a stand with just the right height to prevent you from slouching to see your screen. Finding the right laptop stand for your needs is easy on eBay, and here is some basic information on these computing accessories to help you choose one that will accommodate your laptop.

What types of laptop stands are there?
  • Laptop carts: These types of stands generally consist of a one level shelf, and they are connected by a central bar to a framework with four wheels that make contact with the ground. These types of stands make it simple to move your laptop from room to room at will.
  • Laptop risers: Laptop risers are generally placed on top of a desk, and they serve the purpose of raising your laptop slightly. They often have hinges that allow you to adjust the angle of your laptops keyboard.
  • Adjustable laptop stands: These types of stands can be used as laptop risers, but they come with hinged legs that also make it possible to station these laptop stands on the ground. If you want to move your laptop from a desk or table to the ground, simply extend the legs of this type of stand.
  • Lap desk stands: Lap desk stands for laptops may have adjustable surfaces to change the angle of your laptop, and they usually have cushy bottoms that make it more comfortable to hold your laptop on your lap. These types of stands come in many different colors.
Can you use a laptop stand in your car?

Yes, you can. Some types of laptop stands are designed to be installed in the passenger seat of your car. These types of laptop stands are commonly used by law enforcement, but you can install them in your own car to make it easier to access important documents, check your email, or surf the web while youre on the go.

How do you pick a laptop stand?

As you select a stand for your laptop, youll need to consider your intended application. If you want to be able to move your laptop from room to room, then youll want a laptop cart as its a stand that has wheels, but if youll mainly be seated while you use your computer, you may prefer a lap desk-type stand or an adjustable stand.