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Regulate Temperature with the Cooler Master Heatsink and Fan

If your computer is running a little hot or you're looking to upgrade your system, you might consider a CPU fan. Your Cooler Master heatsink and fan will keep your laptop or desktop at the temperature your CPU can handle.

What Cooler Master features regulate CPU temperature?

The heat pipe copper that is used to conduct heat for faster dissipation back into the air provide much of the cooling effect. The propulsion of the spinning fins also provides the air required to keep a processor and other components at the temperature that keeps your computer performing like it should. Additional features contribute to temperature regulation such as:

  • Fan speed: The faster the fans spin, the more air is produced for cooling down your processor, sockets, and motherboard.
  • Number of bearings: Some systems include two ball bearings instead of one along with two fans. This provides additional temperature regulation.
  • Heat pipes: These work in a similar way as heatsinks. You might notice, 3-pipe systems made of copper that will absorb heat and release it back to the air from your computer.
  • PWM fan: The 120mm PWM fan is one that allows you to control your computer fan and pump speeds. This kind of cooler also completes a variety of duty cycles when set, so it might run at about half the speed when the temperature is 60 degrees Fahrenheit or lower. When the temperatures rise to above 70 degrees Fahrenheit, the fan speed also increases.

What are some important fan features?

Each one has a unique set of attributes that provide you the temperature regulation you need, especially when gaming, watching videos, working on graphics projects, and more. When running multiple processes, it helps to have a fan that has one or more of these features:

  • Direct-contact heat pipes: Some coolers have up to four of them. This allows continuous contact between the cooler and the CPU.
  • Dual fans: This provides increased cooling power when combined with a heatsink or heat pipes made of conductive materials for collecting and releasing heat out of your machine.
  • Easy snap fan bracket: You might see this on dual-fan systems. Some single fans also snap onto a CPU.
  • Quick-spin technology: This provides driver stabilization so the blades spin at a steady rate, which reduces vibration noise and clicks.
  • All-in-one mounting: You might notice that the Cooler Master Hyper is one CPU fan that provides a bracket design for both Intel and AMD sockets.

Do Cooler Master fans have additional capabilities?

The Liquid Maker acts as both a CPU cooler and a radiator. The MasterAir has another function called an RGB controller that produces different colors as the fan spins. An additional function of the Air Cooler is the ability to pull air in one fan and then allow it to be released in another one. The Evo is another model of that has additional capabilities, in that the sleeve bearing extends its operating lifespan.

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