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Cooper Car and Truck Tires

If you are searching for replacement tires for your vehicle, the questions and answers below might help you to understand your options for Cooper tires. Cooper offers tires for all of types of vehicles. Whether you are touring across the country, moving through rugged winter terrain, or going through your daily activities, you will find that Cooper has a suitable tire.

How long do Cooper tires last?

When buying a tire, the manufacturer will provide a life expectancy number of how many miles can typically be driven before replacement. Your mileage will vary based on how and where you drive. Proper maintenance during the life of the tire will also impact its longevity.

Are Cooper tires made in the USA?

Cooper Tires has its headquarters based in Findlay, Ohio. While the company has international facilities all throughout the world, there are four manufacturing plants in the United States. These are located in Ohio, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Georgia.

Will all-weather Cooper tires work through the winter?

If you drive in areas where the weather is mild and fairly consistent throughout the year, all-weather tires such as Discover, Zeon, or Touring are some all-season options that may be sufficient. In areas where there is snow and ice, a winter tire such as the Discoverer M+S and Weather-Master styles would be recommended.

Can you just use winter tires on the vehicles rear?

Tires should be used all around rather than just on the vehicles rear. Each style of tire, whether for summer, touring, all-season, or winter, has a specific type of grip and traction control that should be evenly based all across the four corners of the car or truck. However, if only two tires are available, these should be placed on the rear of the vehicle.

What are the different types of Cooper tires?

Cooper makes a wide range of tires based on the type of automobile and type of driving that you will be doing. Some examples include the following:

  • Adventurer: This series is designed for trucks, pickups, SUVs, and CUVs. All-terrain, comfort, and quiet ride are some of the features you can expect.
  • Cobra: These are all-season tires for cars and minivans.
  • Zeon: This type aids in performance for most transportation types for all-weather or summer use. The Zeon RS3-A offers performance for year-round driving.
  • Touring: This line includes the standard, the Grand, and the Ultra, and keeps comfort in mind. The Grand Touring and Ultra Touring styles offer agility and a quiet ride.
  • Discoverer: These are designed with trucks, pickups, and crossovers in mind. The tires are made for all-terrain durability and all-weather convenience. Enhanced durability is available with the SRX and STT styles. Discoverer SRX boasts long tread wear and maximum comfort, while Discoverer STT Pro gives extreme performance off-road while maintaining traction on the road.
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