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Corded Electric Chainsaws

Corded electric chainsaws eliminate the three main problems that most people identify with chainsaws: namely that theyre loud, messy, and difficult to operate. These saws are easily storable and require very little maintenance and cleaning. As far as operating an electric chainsaw, its as easy as pushing a button.

How does a chainsaw work?

Chainsaws come in many different variations and perform many different tasks. However, the normal chainsaw has a fairly universal design. Essentially, a chainsaw is made of a few basic parts:

  • Body- This is typically made from a durable plastic or metal. The body is where you will find the handles. The body also houses the engine.
  • Guide bar- This is the \"blade\" that protrudes from the body. It is not actually a blade. In fact, it is not sharp at all. The guide bar is designed to hold the chain and allow it to rotate at high speeds.
  • Chain- The chain is the actual \"blade\" of the chainsaw. It is made of metal and consists of a multitude of links that have sharp metal edges for cutting wood and other materials.
  • Engine- This is the power source of the saw. It drives the chain around the guide bar, allowing the saw to cut through materials. It also powers the exhaust which keeps the engine cool and keeps sawdust out.
What are the advantages of a corded electric chainsaw?

Corded electric chainsaws have a number of advantages, especially for the normal homeowner and casual user:

  • Engine- Traditional engines require a mix of oil and gas in specific ratios. When these ratios are off, the saw does not reach optimal performance. When they are stored for extended periods of time, the mixture gunks up the engine. Electric engines are clean and easy to store.
  • Operating- Electric saws don’t need the traditional start-up: prime the pump, pull the rip-chord, and keep the safety button pushed in. Electric motors start with the push of a button.
  • Performance- Unless youre a lumberjack in the Pacific Northwest, electric engines offer the same power and dependability as their traditional cousins.
Do electric chainsaws need oil?

The answer is yes and no.

  • Yes- The corded electric chainsaw requires bar and chain oil. All chainsaws do. This keeps the friction between the chain and bar at a minimum and protects your saw while providing maximum performance.
  • No- The corded electric chainsaw does not require engine oil. The electric chainsaw only needs to be plugged into an electrical outlet. This provides a clean experience without the gas fumes and smoke from burning oil.