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D Link Home Security Cameras

D-Link home security cameras help you view the inside or outside of your home using a computer or smartphone and Wi-Fi technology. In addition to helping you keep an eye on your property, these cameras also help you watch your children and pets. D-Link offers a number of home security surveillance cameras and accessories.

What are some available D-Link home security cameras?

D-Link produces Wi-Fi cameras, and they typically fall into one of four groups. These are:

  • The Guardian: This is a 180-degree, full high-definition camera. It has a built-in microphone that is designed to pick up loud noises in the house and send you notifications. The camera also has light sensors so that it can capture clear videos in the dark.
  • Pan-and-tilt Wi-Fi camera: These D-Link cameras get their name from the pan-and-tilt function available. This feature allows you to pan and tilt the camera for a wider view. It is designed with a 66-degree horizontal field of view. It also has night vision capabilities of up to 26 feet.
  • The Classic: This night Wi-Fi camera can pick up images in compete darkness up to 15 feet away from the camera.
  • The Outdoorsman: This outdoor camera is outdoor-ready and is intended to help you monitor your backyard or the outside of your office. DCS-2330L is a wireless outdoor Wi-Fi cloud camera that offers 720p video stream.
What are the features of D-Link home security cameras?

Here are some features you can find in D-link devices:

  • Compatibility with Android, Windows, and iPhone devices: You can use the mydlink smartphone app to view the videos remotely. You can also receive notifications from the mydlink app when unusual activity is detected by the camera.
  • Night vision: The cameras are designed with sensors that allow them to record around-the-clock clear videos for specified distances.
  • Sound and motion detection: These cameras will detect any unusual or loud sounds in your home. PIR sensors can detect infrared radiation whenever a person moves.
  • Two-way audio communication: They also have built-in microphones and speakers for two-way communication.
  • De-warping technology: This reduces distortion in videos and improves video quality. Full HD sensors also help to deliver sharp images.
  • Local storage: The cameras have local storage space so you can view the videos later. You can set them to record videos at specific times. All videos will have a time stamp and text overlay.
How do you view live feeds with D-Link cameras?

Live feeds from these cameras can be viewed on your smartphone. You will need to download the D-Link Lite smartphone app. If you have a tablet, you can see feeds from more than one camera if you have two or more of them set up.

With the two-way audio mode, you can speak to people in the house remotely.

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