DIMM EDO DRAM Computer Memory (RAM)

How to Shop for EDO DRAM RAM

When it comes to upgrading your PC, having enough memory is one of the first (and easiest) things to consider. Most modern computers come with ugrapdable expansion slots, so you can always add more memory later when you have time to upgrade. There are several different types of RAM and it can sometimes get a little confusing. If youre trying to decide what type of EDO SDRAM you need, there are some helpful hints.

What is DRAM?

There are many different memory devices when it comes to a computer, and DRAM is the main type of memory youll find in your PC. There are several types of DRAM:

  • Synchronous DRAM or SDRAM: this types works exclusively with your CPU
  • Rambus DRAM: RDRAM is often used for gaming devices and not PCs
  • Double Data Rate SDRAM (DDR SDRAM): This offers SDRAM at higher speeds

Most types, with the exception of RDRAM, will work just fine in any type of PC, laptop, or desktop. If you run many graphics-heavy programs, you may find that you prefer the DDR type of SDRAM so that your computer runs more smoothly.

What Are Different Types of SDRAM and RAM?

When it comes to SDRAM, there are even more categories when it comes to type. Much DRAM types are EDO, which stands for extended data output. While not DDR RAM, EDO DRAM is very similar and is a favorite among computer users. You may also hear terms such as:

  • DIMM: This refers to the number of pins that your EDO DRAM has. A DIMM will have a 168-pin connector while a SIMM (single line module) has only 64. DIMM EDO DRAM is often referred to as a "memory package," and requires a little bit more knowledge than simply popping in the RAM memory stick.
  • There are many different types of DIMM EDO DRAM, such as RDIMMs and ATP EDO modules, but these are for more advanced applications.

Its a good idea to note that when it comes to EDO, you cant really go wrong. Computers will embrace most different types of RAM. It takes a long time to be knowledgeable on all different RAM types, but using EDO types that boost your computer to 16 GB RAM and above is optimal.

What Are Ways to Boost My Computers Processing Times?

If you want your computer to run more smoothly and have good processing time, youll want to upgrade more than just the memory. Some other ideas to keep in mind include:

  • Upgrading the processor. In other words, consider replacing the CPU and adding one that is more powerful (GHz) with multi-cores (such as dual- or octa-core).
  • Installing a new video card. If you want video programs and graphics to run more smoothly, the addition of a new card alongside new memory and CPU is an ideal choice.

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