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Decorative Tole Painting Stencils

Stencils have been used in home decor, on walls, and on furniture for many years. They can be traditional or contemporary and add an artistic touch to a surface when used. Tiles, signs, boxes, accessories, and furniture have all been decorated with shapes made with this craft form which is often known as a template.

What does a stencil mean in reference to art?

It means that the craft material has been cut out to create shapes or designs. The artist or craftsman then paints walls or objects within the cut-out or wall stencil to form a decorative shape on a surface. Wall stencils can also be reusable art accessories. Another name you will find for this craft is pochoir. It may be used for a decor project on:

  • Walls
  • Furniture
  • Tiles
  • Boxes
  • Doors
How are stencils made?

They are made in several steps and can be made from various materials, such as frosted mylar, acetate, and vinyl. The art or letters are drawn first on paper, and when ready, the stencil material is laid over it. The stencil is then traced onto the material. The final step in making a design is the cutting of the mylar or plastic, by hand or with the use of a laser. Materials used can be plastic, leather, wood, or paper.

How do you stencil a wall?

The first step is deciding where on the wall the shapes will be placed. The stencil is then placed in position with removable masking tape. If a repeat pattern is being made, you should decide ahead of time where it will be repeated and how many times the wall stencil will fit in the space.

The next step would be painting the surface through the wall stencil. Paint should be applied lightly to the wall and can be done in layers. Do not remove the wall stencil until the paint color is the right intensity.

Paint shapes can be combined on walls, using a bit of planning and different wall stencils; create decor with different wall stencils and colors. Some of the ways of painting walls through the stencil include:

  • Stipple painting with a sponge
  • Airbrushing using an airbrush
  • Blowing paint through the wall stencil
  • Roller brush painting
What are some of the wall stencil templates used?

There are a range of patterns and designs available. From graffiti to flower designs, projects are only limited by the imagination. Here are some designs to create:

  • Flowers
  • Scrollwork
  • Repeat patterns

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