Double Neck Electric Guitars

Double the Neck and Double the Sound: The Double Neck Electric Guitar

Double neck guitars combine the sounds of more than one type of guitar or other instruments. Some are a combination bass guitar and guitar whereas others have a 12-string neck above a six-string neck. There are many more varieties and configurations that you can find on eBay.

Types of double neck guitars

Brand-name guitar manufacturers like Gibson and Les Paul are usually the guitars people think of when they hear about double neck guitars. The first double neck guitars werent made for rock stars, though. Country musicians have been fooling around with different kinds of instruments like mandolins, harps, and banjos since the 1920s and 1930s. In the 1950s, they came up with double neck instruments. Mosrite guitars were some of the first double necks. These vintage guitars are collectors’ items. There are also non-collector, non-vintage acoustic double neck guitars that can provide a similar sound.

Reasons to buy a double neck guitar

Not surprisingly, rare and vintage double neck electric guitars are worth thousands of dollars. Non-musicians and those who dont know how to play guitars will put down money on some of these rare items. They are conversation pieces and can even be nostalgia items. But money and memory arent the only reasons why you should make a purchase. A few other reasons why you should buy a double neck guitar include:

  • Quality sound: Maintain high-quality sound even when playing alone.
  • Experimentation: Experiment with tunings, and switch them mid-song.
  • Fretting: Switch from fret to fretless without any fuss.
Are there any songs that feature double neck guitars?

Consider some of the musicians who play double neck guitars and some of the songs that are meant to be played on them. The Eagles, Bon Jovi, Yes, Genesis, Rush, and other bands known for power ballads and guitar solos play double neck and triple neck guitars. Jimmy Page, Steve Vai, and early country performer Joe Maphis are well-known double neck guitar players. A few songs that wouldnt be the same without double neck guitars include:

  • “Stairway to Heaven”
  • “Hotel California”
  • “Xanadu”
  • “Wanted: Dead or Alive”