ECG & EKG Machines

Measure Heart Health Using EKG and ECG Machines

ECG or EKG machines are one way you can get diagnostic readings on your overall cardiac health. These machines use a combination of electrodes and monitors to collate data and provide you with a reading. If youre looking for medical equipment in this field, understanding what kinds of machines might be available on eBay and their features can help you choose the right product.

What types of machines can you find?

eBay includes several reasonably priced ECG machines that you can divide according to type. Most of them will monitor electrical activity in some way. Note that ECG and EKG machines describe the same type of item with a different spelling based on different languages. Some common types you might find during your search include:

  • Holter monitor - This is a portable device that a patient can take with them and use while walking around.
  • Amplifier - You can switch this unit between a normal ECG output and R-wave detection. The R-wave is a specific part of your hearts electrical activity.
  • Event recorder - This device uses tape to record events or changes in your heart. It may be available as a loop memory or symptom event model.
What additional features are there?

Some ECG devices may include additional features or accessories to enhance their usability. The list below details some common features you might find on various machines.

  • Bluetooth - A machine with Bluetooth connectivity may be able to link with other devices or communicate with them wirelessly over a shared network.
  • Cordless - This type of machine has a charge or battery that allows it to operate without the need for a continuous power source or outlet.
  • Printer - A machine with this feature uses a built-in printer to make copies of diagnostic results.
  • Spirometer - This accessory allows you to measure the volume of air going into or out of the lungs.
Why should you buy used ECG machines?

Brands like GE Healthcare or Carejoy may sell some of these products used. You might able to purchase these ECG machines at affordable prices. Used items may be available in some of the categories including:

  • Parts - If you want only certain parts from the ECG machine such as monitors or electrodes, this category may fit your needs.
  • Refurbished - This category represents a used item that the manufacturer has restored to like new working condition.