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Easton Bicycle Stems

Easton bicycle stems are available in road and mountain designs for a variety of functions. Road stems are characteristically light and aerodynamic. Mountain models tend to be chunkier, with maximum hold and stability.

What is the function of a stem?

The stem connects the handlebars to the steering tube. It is a cylindrical piece of equipment that looks different depending on which type of bike it is part of. Classic models look almost like an upside-down letter L, with a longer piece on the bottom that bends into a shorter piece at the top. The two segments form roughly a 95-degree angle.

Which types of bikes does Easton design stems for?

Easton makes these parts for both road bicycles and mountain bikes. Each model has a slightly different shape and design for different components of aerodynamic and functional usage. Although all models perform roughly the same function, they do it in different ways.

What types of Easton models are available for road bikes?

Easton makes race and performance models for road riding. Racing models tend to be the lightest models to keep bikes sleek and streamlined for speed. Performance models are built for slightly more durability and can accommodate terrain that is a little tougher. These models may use different materials and more metallic components to withstand the elements.

What types of Easton mountain models are available?

All-mountain, gravity, and cross country models are available.

  • The Havoc is Easton’s gravity model. The design comes in four different models to integrate qualities of speed and control. Characteristically stiff, this model ensures no wiggling or wobbling of handlebars for maximum bike control on rough terrain. It also eliminates rocking caused by floating face plates.
  • The Haven is Easton’s all-mountain model. Haven is made from CNC machined alloy and features a stiffness to weight ratio as well as the ability to distribute stress and lock securely to the frame. The Haven model pairs well with Haven bars, and it is available in four different sizes to accommodate different sized frames.
  • Cross country riders can use either mountain or gravity models.
What materials are Easton stems made from?

Models are made from carbon, aluminum, and blends of the two. Carbon is the lighter of the two materials and is frequently utilized to craft road stems and racing stems. Aluminum is blended into the mix for more weight and stability, especially in mountain stems. These are often designed to be particularly sturdy and stiff in order to maximize control on uneven ground conditions.