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Exterior Parts for Chevrolet Tahoe

As you drive your Chevrolet Tahoe, the exterior can experience wear and tear. When it’s time to make a repair, replacement parts can get you back in driving condition. You can find a variety of parts for your SUV from covers to bumpers.

What are some bumper parts for the Chevrolet Tahoe?

These pieces sit on the front and rear of your Chevrolet Tahoe, providing protection in case of impact. Some of the parts available include:

  • Covers: These plastic or fiberglass covers fit over your bumper, adding extra strength and reinforcing the original structure. You might use a cover if you have damage to the original or if you simply want to change the look of your Chevrolet Tahoe.
  • Step bumpers: These parts feature a recessed step that sits under the license plate. Usually, they have room for your hitch balls, so they’re ideal if you’re planning to tow boats or trailers.
  • Valance: A valance is a decorative panel that sits below your original bumper. You might also see these pieces called spoilers or air dams.
  • Harness: These wiring harnesses connect the electronic systems on the front or the back of your vehicle. Usually, these wires are encased in thick rubber that protects them from the elements and debris.

What are some available exterior mouldings and trims?

The exterior of your Tahoe features a variety of mouldings and trims. Whether they’re aesthetic or functional, these pieces help you maintain a consistent look. Some available replacements are:

  • Body side moulding: These strips sit on or between the panels on the outside of your truck, creating a neat, streamlined look. Since these moulding pieces often extend across two doors, it’s often a good idea to replace both sections at once for consistency.
  • Fender flares: These molded plastic pieces clip into the top of your wheel wells. They shield the frame from salt, water, and debris, which can help reduce wear.
  • Emblems: Chevy emblems often appear in multiple places on your Chevrolet Tahoe. When one falls off of the grille or the body, you can replace it to maintain the aesthetic.

What are some other exterior parts available for the Tahoe?

Nearly every other section of your Chevrolet Tahoe is replaceable. Some of the most commonly available options are:

  • Door handles: Select from door handles in a variety of finishes, including black and high-gloss chrome. As you choose, be sure to pick an option that fits the size of your door and is compatible with your lock actuator.
  • Mirrors: Choose from both driver-side and passenger-side mirrors. Some models are spring-loaded, so they fold in automatically on impact. Others operate with electronics, so you can fold them in to save space in a small parking space or garage.
  • Splash guards: These pieces, which are also called mud flaps, install behind your tires. They catch the rocks and dirt that are kicked up by the tires, protecting your paint job and frame from damage.