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Falken Car and Truck Tires

Two years after launching in Japan in 1983, Sumitomo Rubber Industries introduced Falken tires to North America. The brand uses innovative technology to manufacture high-performance tires for on- or off-road use.

What type of Falken tires do you need?

Falken manufacturers tires for passenger vehicles, minivans, SUVs, and trucks. The type of tires you need depends on the type of vehicle you drive. Also, weather and road performance need consideration. Use the information below to select Falken tires for your car or truck.

  • Falken Brand All-Season Tires: These firm grip tires handle a variety of road conditions. Models like the Falken Ziex ZE950 A/S have wide tread slots and deep grooves.
  • Falken Brand Ultra High-Performance: Engineered to optimize the driving experience, these tires feature tread technology. The brand’s Azenis FK 450 offers corner handling and grip performance.
  • Falken Brand Winter/Snow Tires: Designed for harsh weather, these tires have wide grooves and tread notches form biting edges.
  • Falken Brand 4x4 Truck All-Terrain Tires: Built to aid performance off-road, Falken all-terrain tires feature an aggressive tread pattern. Tires like the Falken Wildpeak A/T3 tire, for instance, feature deep sipes.
What are some features of Falken Tires?

The following list includes a few Falken performance features for your driving experience.

  • Falken Dynamic Range Technology (DRT): Falken DRT is a silica tread compound that can be used in snow and ice or dry weather. Examples include the Falken Wildpeak A/T3W and the Ziex ZE950.
  • Falken 4D Nano Design: Falken Nano is a special material that simultaneously increases tread flexibility and reduces polymer heat generation. You will find this component in the Azenis FK450.
  • Falken Heat Diffuser Technology: The Falken heat diffuser protects the tire’s internal components. It helps keep critical areas cool when towing heavy loads. The Wildpeak line carries tires engineered with this technology.
  • Falken 3D Canyon Sipe Technology: This silica tread compound easily adjusts to varying road conditions.
Do passenger and light truck tires have the same Falken features?

Some of the features on Falken tires may be similar. However, each tire is designed for a specific purpose. For example, the treads may have the same material but the tread pattern will vary from model to model.

  • Azenis Falken Tires: Engineered for premium sports coupes and sedans, this line includes the FK450, with tension control for stability at high speeds.
  • Sincera Falken Tires: Cutting-edge features include high sipe density for performance enhancement. The Sincera SN201 is an all-season tire for compact and mid-size vehicles.
  • Wildpeak Falken Tires: These rugged wheels are designed for off-road driving and rugged terrain.
  • Ziex Falken Tires: Ziex models include the Falken ZE950 for trucks and passenger vehicles. Features include Dynamic Range Technology and 3D Canyon Sipe Technology.
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