Alfombras y alfombras de piso para Hummer H2

Floor Mats and Carpets for HUMMER H2

Floor mats and carpets for the HUMMER H2 model help protect the surface of your car from dirt, water, and a range of other substances, allowing you to keep the interior of your vehicle clean. Mats are manufactured by brands like Husky Liners, Intro-Tech Automotive, and BoostWaves.

Which materials are floor mats made of?

Hummer floor mats are found in a variety of materials, from rubber to vinyl.

  • Rubber: This is a hard and tough material that is built with durability in mind and will protect the surface of your car from spills and any elements that you bring in from outside.
  • Carpet: This material offers both protection and comfort, providing you with a soft material that will feel comfortable to the feet and can trap any dirt and dust particles, keeping them away from the floor of your HUMMER H2. These carpets are designed primarily to be used for style and usually come with an array of color options.
  • All-weather: These are heavy-duty floor mats that are meant to be used in climates where rain, snow, and sleet occur on a regular basis. They are built with non-slip materials and are meant to withstand any amount of wear and tear. They tend to be equipped with ridges that offer additional resistance against stains and dirt.
  • Vinyl: This is a fabric that offers complete waterproofing, protection from the ultraviolet rays of the sun, and durability. These are usually transparent in color, helping them blend in with the rest of the interior.
How do you clean HUMMER H2 mats?

No matter which type of floor mat you have, it is recommended that you clean them on a regular basis in order to ensure that none of the built-up substances reach the surface of the vehicle. There are a variety of methods that can be used when cleaning these mats, some of which are designed to be used with a specific material. When taking a more general approach, start out by shaking them or hitting them against a hard surface to remove some of the particles. You could also use a scrub brush or small vacuum on the floor mats before continuing with the cleaning. Follow this up by power washing them with a hose to remove some of the more stubborn particles. After they have been cleaned, leave them out to dry in the sun before placing them back into your car.

What are the floor mat colors?

Floor mats can be selected in a wide array of different colors, allowing you to match them to the interiors of your H2. The most common colors are black and tan, although blue, brown, burgundy, clear, gray, and red are also standard color options.