A Look at Gas-Powered Air Compressors and Blowers

Cast iron compressor tanks are durable and offer pneumatic pressure at various cubic feet per minute (CFM). The contained pressure in a compressor allows you to pump air to where it?s needed. You can then power tools, do some cleaning, or paint your home with a spray gun.

How does an air compressor work?

Gas and other air compressors and blowers work by taking in air and then pressurizing it within an engine cylinder. The air is then pushed into another valve where a tank sits. The initial pressurization occurs as an engine begins its revolutions. The piston in this engine has two valves above it; the piston pulling downward in its chamber sucks in air. This air is then trapped as the piston rises to pressurize it. Once a certain amount of pressure is reached, the air forces open an exit valve and it enters a container for immediate use.

What important pieces does a compressor need?

eBay offers a wide variety of new and pre-owned gas-powered air compressors and parts at affordable prices. The most important pieces of an efficient compressor are the air container and engine. These work together to generate pressured air. You will then want to extract the force as it builds up within your tank. This is done with a hose that works with a regulator to manage the airflow you receive. Additional pieces to find on eBay include:

  • Pressure switches: These allow you set the amount of pressure you pump from your cylinder.
  • Air tank: This tank is manufactured in all sizes and is designed to deal with tremendous pressure.
  • Piston chamber: The chamber is vital to making a compressor effective. Some models have two cylinders to maximize the amount of air you can generate in one cycle.
Are air compressor parts replaceable?

Compressors have to be serviced for optimal performance. You will need to find the right parts to achieve the specific goals you have. You will discover a vast array of models, special parts, and pieces to make an air compressor work the way you need it to. Some parts to cover are gaskets, pumps, hoses, and gauges. Gauges are used to monitor your potential output and to read where the safety parameters of your compressor are operating.