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Gateway Windows Vista PC Desktops and All-In-One Computers

Modern computing often sees people using laptops, tablets, and even smartphones for the majority of their work and entertainment, including gaming. That being said, having a good PC with a respectable GeForce graphics processing unit (GPU) card for playing games has its advantages. Gateway computers have become known for creating All-in-One desktop-style machines that provide great performance.

What makes a Gateway PC good for computing?

  • Full-sized keyboards - With an All-in-One computer, you can have a full-sized keyboard thats great for work, gaming, and other PC applications.
  • Top-notch graphics - With an Intel-based All-in-One, youll have the capability to play some graphically intensive games with relative ease. As a result, this means that these systems are great as Steam machines.
  • Upgradeability - With a dedicated computer, you can change from Intel to AMD CPUs, or you can upgrade your version of Windows. Additionally, you can even replace your monitor for a better screen display.
  • Excellent cooling - Powerful processors generate a lot of thermal energy. The Gateway PC offers effective, high-quality fans and liquid cooling, so overheating won’t be a problem.

Can a Gateway computer be used as a media server?

If youre looking to run movies and music directly from your computer, then you can create a media server. A dedicated PC like a good All-in-One Gateway PC can be used for this because you can stream digital content. Youll want to stream from your Windows-based PC to a smart TV screen, but you can also stream online videos.

Your Gateway All-in-One computer will include a powerful Intel processor. These Intel processors usually manage computations very fast, which means that youll be able to effortlessly stream to your favorite screen.

Can these desktops operating systems be upgraded?

Similar to the hardware, any software that is installed on these All-in-One systems can be easily upgraded. Some have Windows Vista installed, but if you want a more modern OS, you can easily install the software. This will ensure that you can experience newer OS features like Cortana and Start Menu searching.

Are these all tower PCs?

Gateway has made many tower-based desktops, but theyve also created some business desktops as well that can be laid down. These desktops can save space, especially if you have a narrow area where they can be placed. They also have the same level of power; many have Intel CPUs and NVIDIA GeForce GPUs.