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Glass Lamps

A lamp made of a glass base or glass shade is an elegant accent and functional lighting piece for your home. A glass table lamp can be placed in any room of the home, including a bedroom, home office, entryway, living room, or den. This style of lighting also makes it easier for you to do close-up tasks such as reading or knitting.

What are the styles of glass lighting?

  • Floor lamp - A glass floor lamp usually has a metal lamp base and glass shades for the lights.
  • Bedside lights - Bedside lights are a smaller glass table lamp that provides muted lighting for the bedroom. They may have a metal or glass base and a fabric shade.
  • Table lamp - A glass table lamp is designed to sit on an end table and provide enough illumination to cover your immediate sitting area. It could have a metal or glass base and a fabric or glass shade.
  • Desktop lights - Desktop lamps often have storage built into the base and a stem that can be moved for better lighting where you need it.
  • Glass touch lamp - A glass touch lamp turns on or off its lights when you touch the glass shade. The base could be made from steel, nickel, bronze, or glass.

How do you choose a glass lamp?

  • Choose a style - Choose a floor, bedside, desk, antique table lamp, or modern table lamp.
  • Choose a color of the lamp base and lamp shade - Clear glass may be used for the lamp shade or base. Some colors for a glass table lamp include white, bronze, bright, and pastel. A Tiffany-style glass table lamp has multiple colors, and the lights are diffused through the glass.
  • Choose the number of lights - Most glass table lamps have one light while those that sit on the carpeting may have multiple fixtures.
  • Choose a lamp shade and lamp base design - Antique designs include swirls, engraved scenes, flowers, and patriotic themes. An antique table lamp with a dark or thick fabric shade diffuses the light. Modern glass lamps may have a simple bell, cylinder, or conical shade and base made of clear, white, or colored materials. Glass table lamps with clear shades reflect more of the light, creating a brighter space.

What kind of lightbulb can be put in these lamps?

The type of bulb that you put into a table lamp can make a big difference in the amount of illumination that it provides. Most table lamps will accept an incandescent lightbulb. This standard bulb comes in clear, soft white, and colors. It releases a lot of heat, and the table lamp may become hot to the touch. Compact clear fluorescents use less electricity than incandescents. Some antique and modern table lamps accept energy-efficient light-emitting diodes.