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Glo-Brite Car and Truck Tail Lights

When you’re a classic car and truck enthusiast, finding the components for your car or truck isn’t always easy. Fortunately, Glo-Brite has a wide variety of truck and car variations so that you can quickly replace the taillight of your 1950s and 60s vehicles. In fact, there are even LED light options for those that want to bring the LED taillight experience of newer cars to classic car and truck lines.

Are there variations for the reverse and brake lights?

Glo-Brite has products for both of these car assemblies. Therefore, when your car’s lights falter as a result of age or accident, it’s a relatively fast process to regain lighting so that you’ll be able to signal and brake again. In fact, the company doesn’t just have truck and car products; you can even get replacement assemblies for your trailer before you head out camping.

What does replacing a trailer’s taillight consist of?

When you run into a taillight situation on your trailer, you can replace the whole assembly. Cut the wires on the old taillight and install the new Glo-Brite trailer light onto the brown and yellow wires using crimps and heat seals. Once attached, you’ll simply have to install the new trailer light onto the bumper via the bolts, and your trailer will be ready for operation.

Why would you want LED taillights on your classic?

Older vehicles often either have a halogen bulb system or a standard incandescent bulb system that aren’t very bright. When you install an LED light system, you’ll have more visibility on dark roads so that your fellow drivers will be able to see you signal and brake better. The company’s taillights make it fairly easy to install these LED taillights on your classic car, which means that you’ll have more than adequate rear lighting.

Are there lens-style LED and non-LED lights?

Some older vehicles have a lens-style configuration on their taillights. This means that the braking and reverse/signal lights are each separate from each other. Fortunately, Glo-Brite has options for these types of lens-style truck and car taillights.

What cars and trucks does Glo-Brite support?

Many of the Glo-Brite taillight assemblies are for classic cars and trucks. This is fortunate for modders and classic car and truck enthusiasts alike, especially for those that want to upgrade to an LED taillight configuration. That being said, Glo-Brite does have taillight products for newer cars and trucks; in fact, you’ll be able to find taillights for many modern-era cars and trucks.

Does the company offer replacement LED taillights with trim?

Some classic cars and trucks have trim or segmented areas for the signal and brake systems. The company does have models with these features so that you can have a similar aesthetic experience on your car or truck. These include metal trim, taillights with separate components, and products with plastic trim.