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Green Suspenders and Braces for Men

Braces are usually designed to be fashionable and stylish. These products will suit men differently and are designed for wear in different settings. It is very important to know the types that are available on the market so that you can choose the right item.

What measurements should you take when buying green suspenders?

When buying green suspenders, you need to get the measurements right. You have to take the measurements from the belt loops, which are attached to the front of the waistband. Also, you should take the measurements over the shoulders down to the back of the waistband. Before you do this, however, you need to decide whether you are getting the x-back or the y-back types since the measurements of the two are different.

For the x-backs, you will need to take measurements from the hipbone front to the opposite side of the back to ensure that you get the correct size. For the y-back types, you will need to take measurements from the waistband to the center at the back to get the correct fit. Measurements are more important for those made using leather.

What different types of suspenders are there?

Suspenders come in three main types. These include:

  • Clip-on - There are different types of clips which give these items different looks. These suspenders are generally very easy to use.
  • Button-on - These offer a more traditional look. They are ideal for high-end formal events. They are usually referred to as braces. These items do not easily come off and, as such, are very reliable. There are no-sew buttons that are available on the market, and this will help ease their use even further.
  • Belt-clip - These look very practical and give support to both the belt and the suspenders. They are mostly worn for casual purposes. They are highly reliable as they fit effortlessly on the belt. You will, however, need to pay keen attention to the width of the belt you want to pair the suspenders with. They are very easy to wear because you have to just attach the suspenders on the belt. You will need to put into consideration the type of the belt attachments.
What materials and styles are available for suspenders?

There are different materials used to make suspenders. They include:

  • Leather
  • Oxford cloth
  • Barathea
  • Jacquard
  • Silk
  • Grosgrain

The various styles are:

  • Glitter
  • Novelty
  • Western
  • Skinny
What are the different types of clips used?
  • Finger - These are about half an inch wide and are made of nickel and brass. They work well with leather materials. High-quality ones will usually snap tightly and grip well.
  • Construction - Also known as the alligators, these are about one inch wide. They are typically used on work braces. They usually have a black or nickel color depending on the color and pattern of the material used.