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Finding the Right FM Portable Radio

Although people have begun to use internet radio and other forms of listening devices, radios have been a mainstay in our culture. Though some may stick to the smartphone or other device, having a portable radio on hand may come in handy.

What are Benefits to Having a Portable Radio?

Portable radios can be just a fun device for entertainment. While many other more modern inventions can also achieve the same end, a radio may be better for your needs.

  • Battery Life: A radio tends to have longer battery life than a device like a smartphone. This is because the radio is just an audio receiver so it has less functions to perform than a high-tech device might which can incidentally make it more portable.
  • Replaceable Batteries: Because many radios run on batteries, you can easily carry and switch out batteries. Other devices often run on Lithium-ion batteries which usually aren't carried around and may be dangerous during outside excursions because heat can make them explode.
  • Signal: You can't communicate through a radio but you can keep on top of the news in a remote area. Devices like cell phones may lose signal in those situations.
  • Shortwave: Shortwave, or SW, is a frequency usually around 1700 kHz to 30 MHz, between the upper limit of the AM broadcasting band and below the range of most scanner radios. This frequency broadcasts music and news in English from around the world so you can hear different perspectives of recent events.

What are Features to Look for in a Grundig Radio?

Grundig is a German manufacturer that offers a wide variety of consumer electronics, including their various portable radios. When looking for your own Grundig radio, here are a few features to consider:

  • Alarms: A dual alarm clock radio can be useful for getting out of bed on time.
  • Antenna: While an antenna isn't useful for everyone, especially those near to radio stations, users can catch stations from a distance using a long antenna which can be good for travel or if you don't live close to town.
  • Single Side Band: Single Side Band, or SSB, is a form of amplitude modulation, or AM. It provides a more efficient form of communication than AM, as AM traditionally uses two side bands (the lower and upper) to carry its transmissions as opposed to SSB which only uses one. The Single Side Band allows the signal to travel much further with more efficiency so you can catch AM stations from further away using SSB modulation.
  • Earphones: If you plan to use your radio as a portable Walkman, then you should make sure that your device has earphone jacks.