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Gucci GG Supreme Bags Large

About Gucci GG Supreme Bags

If you’re looking for a way to proudly flaunt your Double Gs but not sure where to begin, start with a piece from the Gucci GG Supreme monogram collection. Adaptable and effortlessly chic, the fabric’s roots are surprisingly utilitarian: Gucci first began using canvas during World War II when leather was in short supply. The new GG Supreme is crafted from canvas with a low environmental impact and has been updated and re-imagined with a modern GG logo, a classic symbol of the Italian design house’s heritage.
The GG Supreme is the ultimate shape shifter, available in everything from totes to hobos, messenger bags, belt bags and more! Add embellishments to taste. Channel your sporty side with styles that feature the iconic green-and-red stripe. Or take a walk on the Boho side with embroidery and rhinestone details and much more!
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