Learning From Guitar Through Guitar Books

Music has always been part of our culture, long before formal string instruments were developed. Guitar has become an integral part of much music in the U.S. and abroad. There are many books and videos available to learn, along with two main methods.

What are two methods of guitar note interpretation?

Standard notes and tablature are the two different styles of reading music meant for guitar and other stringed instruments. Ultimately, this is the difference between fully learning the music itself versus being able to take a shortcut while learning to be able to achieve the same thing.

There are advantages of learning each type of method. The advantages of learning tablature are:

  • Tablature is easy to read.
  • It's visually analogous to guitar's fretboard.
  • Tablature explicitly tells you which finger to use on which string.

The advantages of learning standard notations (i.e., notes on a staff) are:

  • Timing is determined by the notes.
  • You can understand and learn songs never heard before.
  • You can interpret music sheets from other instruments not made for guitar and learn to play those.

Understanding the musical notes on the fretboard and increasing your ability to read music also further aid in playing guitar. This opens up your creative opportunities, such as improvising, and allows you to apply music theory to your music.

What are the ways to learn guitar?

There are different types of materials that you can learn from to learn guitar. To name a few, these consist of:

  • Guitar books
  • Video guitar instructional
  • Video or audio play along
  • Live or virtual guitar lessons

There are several advantages of these methods you can utilize. Using guitar books, guitar instructional, or playing along can be done at your own pace from your own home and at your leisure. Guitar books will even sometimes have both tablature and the musical notes written in them, making it easier to learn both. Additionally, some guitar books may have antidotal music theory throughout, increasing your ability to learn and apply music theory to expand your creativity

Alternatively, guitar lessons are often completed in person and require the time and money commitment associated with these. However, a lot can be learned by watching someone play first and following along with them. In that capacity, virtual guitar lessons could also be advantageous as they don't necessarily need someone else actively participating. You can easily use a pre-recorded video.

Are there other helpful tools?

There are also other musical items you can purchase to aid in helping you learn guitar. There are chord charts, which explicitly tell you which fingers to use on which strings to produce a chord. This makes it easier to play along to music or improvise rhythmically. Additionally, there are other devices designed to help understand where to put your fingers on the fret board, too. However, learning to read tablature or musical notes will be the most advantageous to learning how to play songs.