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Protect Your Fingers Using Hand Embroidery Thimbles

The thimble is a basic yet important component of most sewing kits. These thumb shields started out as thick, sturdy plates to protect against the coarse fabric and unfinished needles that stitchers used in the past. Finding out what kinds of materials and styles you can choose for your embroidery thimbles can help you find the ones that match your preferences.

Can you choose from different materials for your thimbles?

Yes, the hand embroidery thimbles that you'll find on eBay come in a variety of materials. You may wish to choose the material type for your thimble based on things such as the available color palettes, patterns, or textures that you can get. Here are just a few of the common materials manufacturers might use to produce large and small embroidery thimbles:

  • Metal - Metal provides a durable surface to protect against possible pokes and scratches from your sewing needles. You can find metal embroidery thimbles with matte or chrome finishes.
  • Gel - If you prefer a softer covering with some flexibility, you may want to check out the selection of gel thimbles on eBay.
  • Plastic - Embroidery thimbles with plastic shells come in a variety of bright colors or patterns that you can choose from for your sewing collection.
Finding different types of hand embroidery thimbles

In addition to the different materials you can choose from for your small or large thimbles, you may find a few different kinds of these accessories on eBay. The type you choose may depend on the style of needlework that you do and how you like to thread the point through the fabric. Here are some of the main kinds of embroidery thimbles that you can come across:

  • Capped - The capped embroidery thimble will have a covering at the top. This type of sewing accessory will cover your thumb on all sides.
  • Open - Some open-hand embroidery thimbles may have no caps on top. These small thimbles are similar to rings. You may like this type of accessory if you push the needle through the fabric with the side of your finger instead of the top.
Can you get hand embroidery thimbles as a set?

Yes, you can find some sets of small or large thimbles for sale on eBay. If you would like to start a collection of themed embroidery thimbles at one low price, checking out the new or used sets that you will see might be a good idea. Many sets come with their own cases to help you organize your hand embroidery thimbles.