Handheld Camera Stabilizers for Canon

Do You Need a Camera Stabilizer?

Taking that memorable shot requires a steady hand, but sometimes it is just not possible to hold still. While some camera manufacturers are introducing image stabilization as a built-in feature, you may still need some extra assistance. There are different forms of stabilizing devices: some that are more like a tripod and aimed at larger cameras, and others are harnesses that use the photographers body to steady a smaller handheld Canon camera.

What Are the Reasons to Use a Camera Stabilizer?

  • Stability: The main reason for using a stabilizer is for stability, and it is ideal for anyone who may struggle to keep a steady hand while holding their camera. There are lots of reasons why you may not be able to hold still, so one of these devices could help you out in taking that shot just like using a tripod.
  • Positioning: Sometimes photos are better taken from low down on the ground or higher up in the ear. Rather than straining your body to get into the right position, you can use the camera stabilizer to help you out.
  • Versatility: This reason is more aimed at professional photographers who like the inclusion of universal mounting plates. This enables them to add microphones, strobes, and other photography accessories.

What Are Some of the Models I Can Find?

Finding the right stabilizer for your Canon camera will depend on the model that you have, so make sure to check through the specifications to ensure that you are choosing the one for you. Some of the stabilizing products available are:

  • Yelangu S60N: This is a handheld, 360-degree stabilizer for DSLR and video cameras. It has a load capacity of 0.5-3 kg and a compact and classic design that is comfortable to hold due to the sponge handle. It is easy to operate and portable so you can take it with you while traveling or exploring.
  • Pro Gradienter: This handheld stabilizer has a durable fine metal body that holds your camera tightly and prevents shock to the camera. It has adjustable height and comes with a tidy carry bag for easy transportation.
  • Zhiyun Crane 2: This gimbal is ideal for professional photographers. It supports DSLRs, mirrorless cameras, and camcorders weighing up to 7 pounds. You can connect your camera and have total control over operation while steadying your shots and getting your camera into positions you wouldnt otherwise be able to.

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