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Hankook Car and Truck Tires

Vehicles tend to run better when they have properly inflated tires that have adequate wear left on them. Having the right tires can make a huge difference in how well a vehicle performs out on the road in varying conditions. This may make it easier for parents with teen drivers or spouses to feel better when their loved ones are on the road.

Does Hankook offer tires for all seasons?

Hankook tires are available in a number of different designs, each engineered for one of a variety of seasonal road conditions or weather events. Those who own an SUV may be interested in trying the Hankook Dynapro HP2 all-season tire, useful for being able to handle all sorts of weather conditions. Drivers who are interested in a tire that helps them navigate well in snowy or icy roads may prefer the Hankook I Pike RW 11. The S1 Noble 2 is designed to have better driving performance during the summer months, and is well-suited for passenger cars or small vans.

Can you find Hankook tires by speed ratings?

Speed ratings attempt to gauge how effective a tire will be on a certain vehicle. They let you know how fast the tire can go while still providing enough traction and grip to maintain safety. For instance, a tire with a speed rating of H can generally remain stable at speeds of up to 130 miles per hour. However, a tire with a speed rating of S will only be safe up to speeds of 112 miles per hour. Tires that have a rating of H or S is appropriate for family cars, and the Hankook Ventus V2 concept tire is an example of a product with an H speed rating. It can be useful to make sure that the speed rating of your tire is significantly higher than the maximum speed you will be driving, as this can help to ensure that they will remain stable while you drive.

Can you find Hankook tires based on their load index?

Just as Hankook tires have different speed ratings, tires offered by this brand also come with different values on the load index. As a general rule, tires with higher index numbers can carry more weight in a safe manner. The Hankook Dynapro HT has a load rating of 123, which is the highest number that most passenger cars and trucks come with.

Vehicles that have tires with load ratings of 123 are able to safely carry a load of roughly 3,400 pounds. The Hankook Optimo tire has a load index of 94, which means that it can handle roughly 1,500 pounds safely. However, this doesnt mean that it is an inferior tire. Instead, the Optimo Hankook tires would likely be used on a performance vehicle or a vehicle that may only carry one person on a regular basis, instead of on a vehicle that would need to be able to carry heavier loads on a regular basis.

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