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Herbatint Hair Color Creams

Herbatints approach to hair color is oriented toward natural ingredients and healthful living. In using natural alternatives for hair coloring, these products are designed to enhance the natural beauty of your hair without damaging chemicals. Herbatint offers shades and colors that allow you to show off your style while your hair is cared for using pure, raw materials and specially selected organic plant extracts.

What is Herbatints hair color philosophy?

Since 1970, Herbatints goal has been to create dynamic, beautiful color while reducing the chemical content of their dyes and color products. Starting with research on medicinal herbs, the company has worked to develop a revolutionary coloring product that uses herbal extracts and very little hydrogen peroxide. Because of its excellent gray coverage and wide selection of beautiful colors, Herbatint products help to create beautiful and healthy colored hair without irritation.

What herbal extracts are used in Herbatint?

Using eight pure organic extracts, Herbatints special formula tones and soothes while it protects hair and deposits color. Its formulated to protect the skin and nourish the tresses, even as it changes or enhances the color. Some of its ingredients include:

  • Limnanthes alba: The oil from this herbs seeds moisturizes the hair and leaves a great shine. With amino acids, E and F vitamins, fiber, glucose, and nourishing protein, this extract gives body and preps the hair for long-lasting color.
  • Aloe vera barbadensis: The aloe not only protects tresses during the coloring process, but its vitamins and minerals have an anti-inflammatory effect. It helps transfer the color to the hair fibers without harming them.
  • Rheum palmatum: This extract protects the skin and lends great tone and brightness to the hair being colored.
  • Juglans regia: With nutrients and antiseptic qualities from walnuts, this extract helps the hair and maintain pH balance.
  • Betula alba: This extract has remineralizing properties to promote strong hair.
  • Echinacea angustifolia: This extracts natural active ingredients such as oils, acids, betaine, and polysaccharides purify the skin and soothe hair follicles. In hydrating and nourishing the tresses, they also protect the skin.
  • Hamamelis virginiana: The essential and acid oils and flavonoids of this extract give strength to the hair and leave shine.
  • Cinchona calisaya: This unique bark extract tones and strengthens the scalp, the hair, and the skin.
What types of hair color products does Herbatint offer?

Herbatint not only offers their unique permanent color, they also offer henna, highlight kits, and care products as well. All of Herbatints products are vegan, gluten-free, and cruelty-free. The Herbatint range is not tested on animals and is approved by PETA. Theyre also free of ammonia. Some of the hair colors you can find include copperish gold, mahogany chestnut, Swedish blonde, and crimson red.

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