Honda Garden Tillers and Parts

Honda is a Japanese multinational corporation that is most widely known for its cars, motorcycles, and trucks. This company also manufactures a large selection of agricultural and industrial equipment. Shop for garden tillers that fit your needs by searching through this collection.

What types of garden tillers are available?

The three major types of tilling tools are:

  • Rear line tillers: This type of tilling equipment has tines situated at the back of the machine. The tines rotate in the opposite direction of the wheels, which results in increased penetration in rough ground. The wheels on these types of tilling machines are operated by the engine.
  • Mini tillers: Mini tillers are lightweight versions of front tine tillers. These tilling machines usually do not have powered wheels, and the tilling tines are relatively exposed. Mini tillers are most often used in home garden applications on small plots of land.
  • Front tine tillers: A front tine tiller has tines at the front of the machine that help drag the tilling equipment forward. These models do not have powered wheels.
What kinds of garden tiller parts are available?

Various accessories have been made for tillers that expand the applications of these agricultural machines. A few of the most commonly used accessories include:

  • Aerator kit: An aerator kit consists of blades that can replace the parts in garden tillers. Aerator blades are specifically designed to cut deep into soil, and these blades turn soil over to aerate a garden.
  • Digging tines: These types of tiller parts consist of four blades that replace normal tilling blades. These blades each consist of two independent blades that spin simultaneously to provide enhanced traction. A digging kit is usually used to penetrate deep soil in order to set up a garden bed or flower plot.
  • Cultivator attachments: A cultivator is a type of part that is attached to a tiller in order to provide secondary soil pulverization. These parts drag behind one of these tools and work near the surface to break up clumps and other uneven surfaces that may be left behind.
  • Ignition coils: This part is used to start the 4-stroke engine in your equipment.
  • Tine spacers: These parts are used to separate the blades in your agricultural machine.
What type of fuel is used in agricultural tillers?

These types of machines use normal unleaded gasoline. The gasoline that you use in your equipment should contain no more than 10% ethanol. It is not recommended that any other type of fuel be used with this agricultural equipment.

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