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Learn More About Huawei Gold Smartphones

A smartphone keeps you connected on the go. These powerful devices are useful for work and personal use. If you want to add a hint of gold to your everyday style, you can find a variety of Huawei models in this metallic shade.

What are locked and unlocked smartphones?

Some Huawei gold smartphones are unlocked, which means that they are not tied to a specific carrier. When you purchase an unlocked phone, it means that you have more options when selecting a service provider. Simply insert an active SIM card into the phone to start using the texting, calling, and data features. This is helpful if you’re traveling internationally and want to use local SIM cards. Locked models, on the other hand, are linked to a specific carrier. These models will only work with SIM cards from their designated carrier.

What are some Huawei smartphones that come in gold?

Huawei makes a variety of smartphones that are gold or have gold accents. Some models include:

  • Huawei Mate 10
  • P9 Lite
  • Honor 8
  • P10 Plus
  • Mate 9 Pro
  • Honor 6
What are some features of gold Huawei models?

Each Huawei model is different, but many have these features:

  • Touchscreen: These interactive displays allow you to open apps, type messages, and operate the phone with a tap of your finger.
  • Built-in speakers: Use the speakers to put callers on speakerphone or to listen to music and TV without headphones.
  • Cameras: Depending on the model, Huawei devices may have a front and/or a back camera for still photos and selfies.
  • Flexible notifications: Choose from vibrations, sounds, music files, and illumination to let you know when calls or messages come in.
  • Bluetooth: This wireless connection technology enables you to connect your Huawei to speakers, TVs, and other Bluetooth-compatible devices to stream audio and video.
  • Wi-Fi: Connecting to Wi-Fi allows you to do things such as access the internet without using your plan's data.
How do you choose a gold Huawei model?

With so many available models, finding the right Huawei smartphone is important. These steps can help you find a phone that's right for you:

  • Choose a model: Huawei models include Honor, Mate, Nexus, or P10.
  • Pick a storage capacity: Huawei models come with storage options as small as 4GB and as large as 256GB. The more storage you have, the more photos, videos, and apps you can store.
  • Select a processor: Choices include quad core, hexa core, or octa core.
  • Refine by features: Some models have special features such as fingerprint sensors, dual SIM, Bluetooth, GPS, or rear cameras.