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Iomega Floppy, Zip, and Jaz Drives

Portable external hard drives from Iomega offer you a compact way to store files on a typical USB hard drive. Iomega external hard drives are available with both software updates and vintage file storage options, such as floppy discs or zip drives. If you still have data stored on one of these outdated yet still functioning devices, Iomega hard drives can provide you with a way to extract, read, and edit that data.

Why should you use Iomega USB external hard drives?

Whether you use a laptop or PC for work, personal use, or both, a portable USB Iomega external hard drive is one way you can store and access your files. These external hard drives provide you with a large capacity for storing data in a compact form.

  • You can set up a portable external hard drive from Iomega with a few steps. Many of them can connect to your device through its USB port. This means you can move files at any point after replacement drivers are installed for each device.
  • Iomega USB external drives offer a hard drive that is compact.
  • Despite their small sizes, these external hard drives come equipped with a large storage capacity. Many models will store several gigabytes worth of data.
  • If you have outdated units such as floppy or zip drives, Iomega offers disk readers that can decode and display that data for you. Most updated PCs and laptops no longer have these drives installed. Iomega external hard drives offer one potential way that you might access older data.
How do you use an Iomega external hard drive?

Whether you need an external USB hard drive for data storing or as a reader for outdated data units you already own, there are a few things you can do to make everything ready.

  • Most Iomega products are ready to work with Windows software straight from the box. You won't need to tweak or update anything about the unit beforehand.
  • These devices are equipped with USB cables that you can insert into your computer's USB slots.
  • Once the portable hard drive is connected to your computer, it may need to update its drivers automatically. This process will only take a few seconds if it is necessary.
  • A window should open allowing you to view any data you have stored on the device or to put information on it.
  • In the case of floppy readers, simply insert the diskette and wait for a window showing the data to appear.
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