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Computing in Rugged Conditions

When you're in need of computer access on the go from a machine that can withstand rugged conditions, there are various options to consider. You can take the chance on a typical laptop designed to function in benign environments, or you can invest in a laptop designed just for rough environments. Consider buy a Itronix Notebook. It is designed to withstand harsh conditions.

What can this notebook actually withstand?

With a rugged casing, an Itronix notebook is designed to withstand many of the harsh elements of a construction site. In an environment that is unpredictable, you should always be prepared.

  • Wind, Rain, and Snow
  • Extreme Heat and Extreme Cold
  • Drop and Compression from gravity

How is this notebook constructed?

An Itronix notebook is a PC-based laptop computer with an industrial grade chassis to withstand harsh treatment. Each part performance was tested to withstand a host of potential threats to the functionality of the device. It is advised, as with any laptop, to know the physical limits to avoid breaking anything.

  • Industrial grade plastic casing with metal reinforcements
  • Reinforced keyboard that is spring loaded for extra padding
  • Industrial screen protector that helps prevent the screen from cracking

What Electrical Components are in this Laptop?

This is a fully functioning PC based computer that uses the Windows 7 format. The laptop is set up to communicate via the internet with a wireless Wi-Fi modem. The electrical components are what enable this computer to keep you productive while on site.

  • LCD Screen
  • Intel Processor Hard Drive
  • CD Drive
  • Keyboard

What are Some Uses For This Computer?

A laptop like this is so versatile on site. It is a much sought after notebook computer for construction site uses. There are other ways to get the most out of this PC that shows its value.

  • Use as a GPS device when in remote areas
  • To complete work in areas where most people would be working at the office
  • When facing the dangers of a rough sea

What can be Upgraded on this Computer?

Like other computers, this computer can have similar upgrades. This ensures you're getting the fastest, most efficient computer you can possibly have.

  • Hard drive
  • Random Access Memory Cards
  • Graphics Card

What other Features are Available on this PC?

This laptop comes with so many features. You will never want to go back to a regular PC-based laptop with exception to the weight and bulkiness of the device. These few extra features are what make this a complete on site PC solution.

  • Touchscreen
  • DVD Player
  • Micro Smart Card Reader

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