Pistolas de pulverización Iwata Automotive


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Iwata Automotive Spray Guns

With IWATA automotive spray guns, you get a product that not only fits comfortably in your hand but one that delivers excellent coverage for a smooth finish. There are many models of IWATA spray guns, each with its own features to appeal to the user. This is not a one size fits all product. Consumers need to compare the models and decide which will work best for their needs. 

Know Your Delivery System

There are three primary paint delivery systems on the market: gravity, pressure, and suction feed. In a gravity feed system the cup is located on top of the unit. In pressure and suction feed systems, the container is under the nozzle, and either high pressure or a straw-like tube sends the paint out of the sprayer. 


Manual ANEST IWATA paint guns are designed with the user in mind. The various configurations available are sure to meet the demands that are required to get the results that are expected. Whats more, IWATA uses a tulip inspired spray pattern for an even, smooth finish.


Automatic IWATA paint guns offer a multitude of mounting and spraying options. This design is more aimed at the professional who does mass production jobs with automatic or robot painting equipment than someone who only paints a few vehicles a year. 

HVLP or RP Technology

When choosing a sprayer, you need to consider the pressure required to work the unit. A High Volume Low Pressure (HVLP) spray gun uses a regulator to control the air pressure, but the paint discharges at a slower rate. A Reduced Pressure sprayer allows for a faster release rate, which is a plus when you have a big job and dont want to be slowed down by HVLP technology. HVLP requires a spraying distance of approximately 6 inches while RP-Technology allows for 8 inches.

Choosing an automotive paint sprayer isnt a decision that should be taken lightly. It is a tool that you will own for years so it should be comfortable to use plus have the ability to meet all your current and future needs.