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JVC HD Camcorders

Save the Important Events of Your Life with JVC HD Camcorders

Camcorders like those by JVC provide a way to create videos and put them on tape, DVD, or the internet. With the right camcorder, youll have a way to record important events with quality and enjoy them for years to come. Read on to learn more about these important devices.

What types of JVC HD camcorders are available?

Theres a wide variety of JVC HD camcorders available from several of the brands lines, such as Adixxon, Everio, GY, Picsio, and ProHD. You can even select a color such as black, blue, gray, orange, red, silver, and white. There are different storage types available, including internal (HDD/SSD), removable (card/disc/tape), internal and removable, and media types like a hard disk drive (HDD), microSD, miniDV, SD, SDHC/SD, SDXC/SDHC/SD, and VHS. Additionally, there are helmet action, pocket, and professional models from which to choose.

What do the camcorder controls do?
  • Power: Most camcorders offer a power switch, which often comes with a neutral or standby mode so the device can save battery power when not recording. If your recorder goes into standby mode while youre waiting in between plays at your childs soccer game or wanting to catch each member of your family as they head down the ski slope, push that button to revive it.
  • Record: Usually red in color, its normally located near your thumb when holding the recorder properly in your right hand. Sometimes, the record button is located at the top or front for easier access when a tripod is used. The record button starts and stops recordings while the camera is on. On some recorders, it serves as a record or pause button when in playback mode.
  • Focus: The most important controls on the recorder. Either buttons, dials, or knobs control the lens and the picture. If youre an amateur at making videos, you can easily let the auto mode handle focusing for you. As you gain more experience, you may switch to manual to do this yourself. In using automatic, the camera sends out an infrared beam, ascertaining the distance and setting the lens. In auto mode, it continuously does this and can be a real drain on your batteries. Keep in mind, the buttons can be in different locations.
  • Zoom: This control is normally a pair of buttons, a slider, or a rocking switch at the top of the device. Usually, the letter W for wide or zoom out and T for telephoto or zoom in appears with these controls. Optical zoom changes how close or far away the subject appears. Set this feature before filming as using it while filming can negatively impact your videos.
  • Iris: The iris or aperture controls refer to the amount of light that goes into the recorder. Using this you can make the image brighter or darker.
What can the camcorder do?

The camcorders can be used for film projects, documentaries, or low-budget films. They can also be used for vacations, business trips, and school functions for your children and grandchildren.

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