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Known for creating high-quality athletic shoes, Jordan athletic shoes by Nike are a brand that men trust to give them the style, comfort, and features necessary to be successful and comfortable both on and off the court. From retro Air Jordan basketball high-tops to colorful collectible sneakers, these athletic shoes deliver intuitive features and stylish good looks in a way that is exclusive to the Jordan brand.

What types of athletic shoes does the Nike Jordan product line offer?

  • Basketball - Jordan basketball shoes hone in on features that support and enhance the players ability to move quickly and comfortably on the court. Along with a complete line of Air Jordan basketball shoes, the Jordan basketball product line includes new and retro basketball shoe choices like Air Flight, Air Jordan Melo, and Nike Air varieties, just to name a few.

  • Training and Gym - The Jordan brand of training and gym shoes incorporates materials like Flyknit that offer superb comfort and a dynamic fit to keep athletes supported during even the most explosive workouts. Options that are available to explore in this category include the Air Jordan trainers, Jordan Retro Air Max, and TRunner LX, among others

  • Lifestyle - Jordan Nike Zoom, Jordan Nike Air, and Jordan Formula 23 are just a few of the Jordan lifestyle athletic shoe collection choices available. Each style includes qualities that keep the feet comfortable and looking stylish in any situation.

  • Athletic Sneakers - Supportive insoles, gripping outsoles and comfortable uppers are prevalent in Jordan athletic sneakers. Materials in Jordan athletic sneakers range from high-quality leather to supple synthetics and everything else in between so feet look and feel great during that stroll around the neighborhood or an afternoon hike in the woods.

What are some athletic shoe styles available in the Jordan product line?

  • High-tops have a high profile that rise well above the ankles to offer support that is beneficial for comfortable stops, starts, pivots and other quick or high intensity movements. High-top athletic shoes are available in a wide array of colors and material options to suit your preferences.

  • Mid top athletic shoes extend to the top of the ankle and are ideal for activities such as walking and hiking. These type of Jordan shoe styles come in attractive choices for any lifestyle need.

  • Low tops These Jordan athletic shoes have a low profile that ends below the ankle which make the shoes perfect for casual walking and everyday wear. Jordan low tops are comfortable and offer a large range of color choices.

What are some of the features that are available in Jordan athletic shoes?

  • Slip-resistant features are prevalent in a wide range of Jordan athletic shoes. Slip-resistant outsoles offer superior traction on slippery and uneven terrain which makes them ideal for activities such as competitive game of hoops or a leisurely hike.

  • Water-resistant materials are common features found in athletic shoes like the Air Jordan 1 mid-winterized athletic shoe, as well as many other Jordan athletic shoes. Jordan knows that life and the pursuit of happiness does not need to be called on the account of rain or snow.

  • Retro features found in Jordan shoes are ones that have been found to stand the test of time. Although not limited to Jordan basketball shoes, popular styles include features and color choices that are named for famous athletes like Russell Westbrook and other NBA basketball players.

Jordan Sneakers - FAQs

How did Jordan sneakers get their name?

Many basketball fans regard Michael Jordan as one of the best basketball players of all time. Nike named Jordan sneakers after him because of his iconic status in his chosen sport and his collaboration with the company. The first Air Jordan 1 shoes came out in 1985. They marked the beginning of the Jordan brand and changed the landscape of basketball footwear.

What are some signature features of Jordan sneakers?

Key features of Jordan sneakers include the Jumpman logo, unique colorways, and premium materials. Most of the shoes in this line have visible Air cushioning, offering an interesting design element. The Air unit also offers lightweight support and is intended to reduce impact on the foot.

Are there collaborations with other brands or artists associated with Jordan sneakers?

The Jordan brand has collaborated with various brands, designers, and artists to create unique and limited-edition Jordan sneakers. Supreme, for example, created the Jordan 5 shoes with the Jordan brand in 2015. This collaboration features the Supreme logo on the sides of the sneakers.

What is the significance of the Jumpman logo on Jordan sneakers?

The Jumpman logo first appeared on the tongue of the Jordan 3, designed by Tinker Hatfield. The logo was inspired by a picture taken of Michael Jordan during a photo shoot where he was dunking a basketball. Since then, it has become one of the most recognizable emblems in the sneaker industry.

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