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KICKER 6x9 Inch Car Speakers & Speaker Systems

Guide to Kicker 6-inch by 9-inch Car Speakers and Speaker Systems

Car speakers and speaker systems are great inventions that let you enjoy music, radio, and podcasts from your vehicle. Because everyone has different audio preferences and music tastes, there are many options available to choose from. Kicker has a wide range of choices for varying tastes.

What types of speakers are available?

The types of speakers available are full-range, component, tweeter, mid-range, and woofers. A component setup consists of tweeter, mid-range, and woofer speakers. Each of these subtypes, which are actually drivers, produce different sounds. Tweeters handle high frequencies, woofers produce low frequencies, and mid-range speakers handle audio that falls between high and low frequencies. Each speaker in the system is its own entity, and they are usually installed in different areas of the car. Tweeters are usually installed near the dashboard with the mid-range speakers on the doors. Woofers are either in the doors or the trunk.

Full-range speakers combine the drivers into one entity. They usually contain a tweeter and woofer. The woofer processes low to mid frequencies, and the tweeter handles mid to high frequencies. Examples of Kicker models you can choose from are:

  • Polk Audio 300W Marine
  • 3-Way 900W
  • CS Series
  • 600W Subwoofer and 1100W Amplifier
Can you install a subwoofer in your car?

Yes, you can install a subwoofer in your car. Subwoofers are a type of woofer that produces low frequency sounds from 20-200 Hz depending on the model. The frequency range of woofers is 20-5,000 Hz. Low frequencies are associated with deeper bass. Some subwoofers have bass with so much power you can feel the booming in your chest.

What are common features of car speakers?

Potential features youll find in speakers include detachable tweeters, pivoting tweeters, and external crossovers. Detachable speakers can be used as either component or full-range speakers. You can adjust the angle of pivoting tweeters toward the listener. External crossovers divide the frequencies sent to the woofer and tweeter. Low frequencies go to the woofer and high frequencies transmit to the tweeter. Some external crossovers enable you to bi-amp, a technique in which you connect the woofer and tweeter to their own cable.

How do you choose the right speakers for your car?

The first thing to do is check what speaker sizes you need for your car model. Then ask yourself if you want powerful bass, moderate bass, or light bass. This influences what type of woofer you get. Decide whether you want a full-range or component audio system. If you opt for a component audio system, then try to match the chosen speakers as much as possible to your cars stereo specs. You must know the sensitivity and power handling of your vehicle to find suitable speakers. 90 dB and above speakers are intended for vehicle stereos with 15 watts RMS per channel or less. Cars with 16 watts RMS per channel or more are usually complemented by lower sensitivity. If you have powerful external amplifiers, then you need to choose speakers that have a similar output of the amplifiers.

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