Ken Smith Bass Guitars

Ken Smith Bass Guitars: Reliable and Well Made

Created by jazz legend Ken Smith, Ken Smith Bass Guitars are a well-documented brand that have been known for being highly reliable and providing great tones for musicians for decades. These basses are built to handle any professional setting, as well as provide an excellent foundation for those looking to pick up the instrument for the first time. Check out eBay for an amazing variety of new and pre-owned bass guitars from Ken Smith.

What are the main features of these guitars?

Ken Smith bass guitars come with a set of unique features. In addition to supplying their own brand of strings with their basses, they are made with different woods such as maple and walnut. These different types of bodies made by Ken Smith create a palette of different tones, making each bass unique in their own way.

What genres are Ken Smith guitars best used for?

A Ken Smith bass can often be found in a jazz setting. Since the founder primarily played with jazz musicians, these bass instruments have been crafted to best fit the needs of someone whose primary style of music is jazz or fusion. They have also been linked to other styles of music such as rock. Mike Gordon of the Phish rock band has been a long time user of this brand of bass.

What woods are these bass guitars made out of?

Different parts of the instruments are both made from different woods to provide different means of playability as well as diversity in tone. Models such as the BSR M Model have an aged maple fingerboard with different wood options for the body. You can find it in black walnut, swamp ash, or figured maple.

What types of necks are available?

There are two different types of makes available in the Ken Smith Bass guitar line. They are divided by custom bolt ons and neck through.

  • Bolt ons: These guitars will provide a snappier timbre, which is excellent for genres that need more "pop" in their sound, such as funk.
  • Neck through: Guitars with this neck type will have a warmer and thicker sound due to the ease of resonance between the body and the neck itself. These guitars are great for styles like rock, country, and jazz music.
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