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Keystone 16mm Vintage Movie Camera

Keystone 16mm Vintage Movie Camera

For filmmakers and enthusiasts, vintage 16mm movie cameras enable you to produce film grain for great educational, instructional, or theatrical films. Vintage 16mm cameras allow you to add scenes with gritty, surreal textures to your project, something that cant be filmed in a digital format. Numerous movie and television dramas, including "The Walking Dead," "Friday Night Lights," "Carol," and "Black Swan," are shot on 16mm.

What Keystone 16mm vintage movie cameras are available?

There are several vintage Keystone camera models available including but not limited to the following. Some include cases made of leather and other materials:

  • A7: The A7 model is from the 1930s. With a Wollensak 17mm f-2.8 Velostigmat lens with a manually adjusted aperture that closes to a minimum of f-16. The camera is fixed-focus with seven speed settings from 10 to 64 frames per second. Its powered by a hand crank on the side so no batteries are required.
  • A15 Newport: This model may include either an Elgeet 1-inch f-1.5 lens or a 3-inch f-3.0 lens.
  • K-50 Mayfair: This 1950s model has a Wollensak Cine Raptar lens 7x5x2 1/2 inches.
  • K-55 Mayfair: This model includes a Wollensak Raptar Cine telephoto 3-inch f-4 lens, 75 mm f-4, and an Wollensak Keystone 1-inch f-2.5 Cine Partar lens with Tiffen series C adapter ring DJ.
How do you clean a vintage camera?
  1. Start by gathering items you will need such as tweezers, toothpicks, canned compressed air, cotton balls, isopropyl cleaning alcohol, magnifying glass, and small screwdrivers.
  2. Check your camera over for loose parts. Detach lenses from items with interchangeable lenses.
  3. Hold the item gently, upside down, and open the film chamber facing downward. Using the canned air, blow particles out of all areas you can reach. Check the light seal to see if it has dried up. If the light seal has to be replaced, do this after your cleaning.
  4. Shred up a cotton ball and roll a thin layer of the loose cotton around the end of a single toothpick. Soak the cotton portion with cleaning alcohol and use it to remove visible dirt or tarnish.
  5. Using tweezers, gently lift the latch normally behind the lens mount. Use a damp cotton ball, with the alcohol, and wipe over it in the same direction. Blow any leftover fibers out with canned air later.
  6. Use a toothpick with a thin layer of cotton on one end with the alcohol and gently use it across the mirror and viewfinder. Remove any leftover fibers.
  7. If theres a battery section, checked for corroded old batteries. Clean using canned air or alcohol. Place batteries once its dry.
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