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Kingston 4GB DDR2 SDRAM

Choosing a Suitable Memory For Your Computer

Kingston Technology Company through its popular brand, Kingston ValueRAM produces a series of value-priced memory chipsets for desktop computers and laptops. The random access memory chip (RAM) is an important device that helps your computer to handle multiple tasks at a time. It holds storage of the current data on the computer for short periods. This allows for fast processing of data by the CPU. In literal terms, the RAM is the processors personal assistant.

What is the Kingston 4GB DDR2 SDRAM Module?

Kingston 4 GB explains that this is a Kingston chip with a memory capacity of 4 gigabytes. Below are the initials and what they stand for.

  • What is DDR2? DDR stands for double data rate. These are memory chips that can transfer data at speeds that are two times faster than regular chips. DDR2 is a second generation chip that has faster transfer speeds and latency rates than its predecessor. Usually, the numerals added at the end of a chip module indicate the data transfer speed. DDR2 800 means that the chip transfers data at 800 MT/s.
  • What is SDRAM? It is short for synchronous dynamic random access memory. This module synchronizes itself with the computers system clock. This allows it to run at higher speeds and have a fast cycle time (133 MHz). It is the most commonly used memory chipset.
  • What is DIMM? This refers to the circuitry used in the memory chip. It is essentially a dual in-line memory module that has a double data path (64 bits) compared to the SIMM, which has a single data path (32 bits). Not all DIMM modules support the DDR2 SDRAM chip. Only the 200 pin SO-DIMM, 214-pin MicroDIMM, and the 240-pin DIMM support the memory chip.
  • What is ECC? These are DIMM chips which can detect and correct errors.

Can I use the Kingston 4GB RAM for my desktop memory?

Whether it is a desktop or a laptop, the RAM specifications will differ according to the processor installed on your computer. Here are some of the most common compatibility issues that you need to check before buying RAM for your PC.

  • Data transfer rates - A computer that uses DDR2 memory cannot use DDR3 and neither can it use DDR. So the Kingston 4 GB DDR2 SDRAM can only fit in a computer that is compatible with DDR2 chipsets.
  • Device - Kingston makes RAM chips for different devices. Desktop RAMs are different from laptop RAMS. They are also slightly bigger. Kingston has DDR2 chips for both the desktop memory and the laptop memory.
  • System - A computer that uses 32-bit memory and software cannot take more than 4 GB of RAM, even if they have multiple slots. This means that only one chip of the Kingston 4 GB RAM can fit into your 32-bit desktop or laptop.

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