Las unidades flash USB de la computadora Kingston 8GB

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Common Questions about Kingston Flash Drives

Kingston Technology Corporation develops and manufactures a variety of computer memory-related products. USB flash drives allow you to store and transfer data between computers and utilize flash memory to store the data in a compact form. When selecting a USB flash drive from Kingston, there are different styles and designs available.

How do you select a USB flash drive?
  • Choose a material: Most flash drives will have a casing that is either made of plastic or aluminum, depending on the model.
  • Choose a USB type: The specifications can range from USB 1.0 up to 3.1. You will want to select a USB type that is compatible with your computer.
  • Select a design: Some designs will have a low-profile designed for laptops so that they can stay connected when the laptop is put away. Other designs have encryption software built into the drive by reserving some of the storage space for the app.
  • Choose a color: For the plastic portions of the flash drive, you can select a color to differentiate the drives from one another.
What are USB thumb drives?

A thumb drive is also known as a USB flash drive. These drives feature a small frame designed to be portable and store data on a flash memory chip inside the case. USB flash drives connect by using a USB port or other connection. The size of a flash drive can range between 1GB up to 2TB or more depending on the model, and they come in many portable designs, such as a flash pen drive.

What is a USB lock?

A USB lock is an app that is featured on some Kingston flash drives. A portion of the flash drive's storage capacity is set aside for the app. Once you insert the USB Flash drive, the software will run and you can password protect the data on the device.

What types of Kingston USB flash drives are available?
  • USB C: This type of flash drive is designed to be used with Android smartphones and computers that have a USB C port. USB C flash drives will use USB 3.1 speeds for transferring and accessing files from the drive.
  • Bolt duo: This type of USB flash drive is designed for iPhones and iPads that have a Lightning connection. This allows you to store files from the phone so that they can be opened on other devices. This type will also have a standard USB connection on the opposite end.
  • Micro: These types of storage options are designed to have a small form factor. Some micro drives will have multiple interfaces.
  • High-capacity: High-capacity USB flash drives are designed to be backup options for large files such as raw video and high-resolution images.
  • Capless: This type of drive will have a built-in moveable casing that can slide over the metal connector of the flash drive. By using your thumb, you can slide the drive back so that it can be used.
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