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Kingston Computer RAM

Kingston Computer RAM

RAM, or random access memory, such as the kind offered by Kingston, is one way to improve your computers performance whether you own a notebook computer, a desktop computer, or an Apple Macintosh. Kingston computer RAM comes in a variety of specifications such as DDR2, DDR3, and DDR4, and there are also a variety of speeds available.

How do you check your current RAM capacity?

If you want to check how much memory you are currently working with before adding more, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your computers Start menu.
  2. Type dxdiag and press Enter.
  3. In the window that appears, go to the System tab on the DirectX tool.
  4. Near the bottom, usually between Processor and Page File, you will see how much you currently have.
How do you install additional Kingston RAM?

The first step in installing additional RAM in your computer is to decide on the type and amount of memory you need. Check the motherboard manual to see what type of memory your motherboard supports. Once youve purchased the memory you need, just follow these steps for a successful install process:

  • Be sure to completely shut off the computer and unplug your power supply. You should also ground yourself to a surface that can safely discharge any static electricity on your body.
  • Open the side of the computers casing or the underside of the notebook so that you can see the motherboard. Youll notice some slots, usually two or four, next to the heat sink on top of the motherboard.
  • If your new RAM is a different type from your current variety, open the plastic clips housing your old RAM and pull the modules out. Its OK to mix brands like Kingston with others, but not different types, such as DDR2 with DDR3.
  • If you are not filling all available slots on your device, check the motherboard manual. There might be certain slots your motherboard prefers over others, although most contemporary motherboards arent too fussy about where you put your RAM.
  • Now you can install the new RAM, but first, make sure the module is correctly oriented. There will be a notch in the bottom of the stick that should align with the memory slot. Press the memory gently but firmly into place and lock it in with the plastic clips. If the memory stick will not fit, its very likely that the stick is not oriented correctly. Try flipping the stick 180 degrees, and try inserting it that way. If the memory still wont fit into the slot, you have purchased the wrong type of memory for your motherboard. Never attempt to force the memory stick into the slot; it should take very little force to properly insert a RAM stick.
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