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How to Find the Right Cell Display LCD Screen Parts

When it comes to smartphones, the screen display forms a major part of the gadget. Anyone can use a regular phone with standard keys and buttons, but being able to send commands by touch makes for something extraordinary.

A phone that responds to touch makes it effortless to text, call, and browse the net. However, once the screen is broken, damaged, or chipped, it becomes near impossible to use and hence the need for Kyocera cell display screen parts.

What do I need to know to determine the quality of my Kyocera LCD parts?

Most Kyocera LCD displays, such as the WVGA, are made from glass materials prone to breakage. There are several different types of Kyocera displays that vary in quality. To determine the quality, inquire about:

  • The materials used to assemble the screen protector
  • The kind of adhesive used to bond the frame to the glass
  • Which components of the assembly are aftermarket and which are original
  • If aftermarket, ask whether they are up to the specifications of the original components
  • Are there any elements that have been refurbished/ used?

How do I replace my LCD cell display?

After selecting a phone panel such as the Kyocera DuraForce, it's now time to learn how to replace your phone's display. Keep in mind that some models cannot be repaired without having to send them back to the manufacturer.

  • Open the cell phone - Remove the rear cover, battery, and identify where the Totx (standard) screws are. Carefully watch out for ribbon cables as you remove the screws.
  • Remove the display - Your device's screen is easy to part with. The digitizer will automatically slip out once its ribbon cable is removed. By now you should have the front of your device in your hand, empty, with the glass display ready to remove. Use a heat gun or a blow dryer to soften the adhesive and make the process easier.
  • Replace the adhesive - An adhesive is a double-sided sticky tape that is applied to the frame of the module, rather than the glass. Replace the frame's adhesive.
  • Install the new Kyocera part - Once the adhesive is in place and the new touchscreen is prepared, remove the protective strips on the tape and push the glass into place.

What is my next step after installing the new parts?

Once the glass is in place, it is time to reassemble your device panel. Connect the relevant cables back into their slots and lock them down then proceed to piece all the parts back together, layer by layer.

  • Check that there are no cables left over
  • Ensure that no screws are left behind

Switch on your mobile device without securing the terminal screws to see whether all functionality is retained. If all is well, reassemble your mobile phone and enjoy your new Kyocera parts.

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