LED Outdoor Spotlights & Floodlights

Choosing the Right LED Outdoor Spotlights

LED outdoor spotlights provide bright, clear light, making them a great way to light outdoor spaces. From construction sites to gardens, any outdoor space can benefit from LED outdoor lighting. With eBay, it?s easy to find everything from floodlights to simple lamps.

What are some types of LED outdoor spotlights?

LED lighting fixtures come in a variety of styles and shapes.

  • Flood lights: This type of light provides a wide, extra-bright beam that covers a large area. Floodlights are ideal for working in dim environments or creating a more secure outdoor space.
  • Wall lamps: Wall-mounted spotlights are a permanent lighting solution for high-traffic outdoor spaces. These lamps can illuminate your garden or front yard or supply a bright light for a basketball court.
  • Stake lamps: These lamps are mounted on stakes so that you can push them into the ground for a low-lighting effect. Use these lights in gardens and landscaped areas. They can also be used to highlight architectural features.
What is a motion-sensor spotlight?

These outdoor lights turn on when they detect motion. Motion sensors are a handy way to save power, especially when you?re using solar or battery-powered lighting. This lighting option provides illumination without requiring a switch, which makes for easy installation in remote corners of your yard or on a wall near the house. These sensors are often used to boost security.

What are some power options for LED outdoor spotlights?

LED lights come in a variety of styles that can be operated using different power sources. In general, the power type to choose depends on where you?re using the lighting.

  • Hardwired electric: These fixtures are designed to connect to the wiring in your house or garage for a permanent installation on an exterior wall. Once you connect them, you can operate the lights with a switch. This type of lighting is a convenient way to illuminate your garden, walkway, or garage area.
  • Plug-in electric: These LED fixtures plug into a standard outlet, giving you flexibility in setup. You can plug in a flood light for extra brightness in the garage or pair one with an extension cord to set up an outdoor work area.
  • Solar: These LED lighting items are powered by small solar panels, so you can install them in areas without electricity. They?re ideal for use in a garden; alternatively, they can illuminate specific parts of your landscape.
  • Battery: Battery-powered LED lights can be used anywhere. Store them in your vehicle for emergencies, or use them for outdoor lighting on remote work sites.