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What You Need to Know About Intel Core 2 Quad With an LGA 775 Socket

The Intel Core 2 Quad is a family of quad-core processors that was released in 2007. Thanks to its quad-core design, it can handle multiple applications running at once, such as virus protection programs, multimedia editors, video games, and web browsers. All Intel Core 2 Quad processors use LGA 775, also known as Socket T, to connect with the computer's motherboard.

What motherboards are LGA 775 sockets compatible with?

LGA 775 is a successor to socket 478. It is primarily intended to be used with boards that accept a 775 central processing unit (CPU). The motherboard determines what type of memory you should use in conjunction with the CPU.

Which are some Intel processor groups?

All processors in the Intel Core 2 family are grouped based on certain common specifications. One of these specifications for Intel Core 2 processors is known as the fabrication process. The fabrication process partly determines the size of the components on the chip. As the size shrinks, more components can fit on a chip, and the performance generally improves. The fabrication process is measured in nanometers. All processor groups go by the following names:

  • Kentsfield: Kentsfield is a 65-nanometer processor. There are three models in this group, and they have a clock speed ranging from 2.13 GHz to 2.67 GHz. Kentsfield has two pools of 4MB cache. The cache is a small memory pool that is exclusive to the CPU.
  • Yorkfield: Yorkfield is a 45-nanometer processor. There are five models in this group, and they have a clock rate ranging from 2.67 GHz to 3 GHz. Yorkfield has two pools of 6MB cache.
  • Yorkfield-6M: This is similar to the original Yorkfield line, except it has two pools of 2MB or 3MB cache.
  • Kentsfield XE: Part of the Core 2 Extreme line, the XE has an unlocked clock multiplier, meaning you can change the multiplier and frequency in the CPU to overclock it beyond the base rate. Among the three models in this group, the clock rate ranges from 2.67 GHz to 3 GHz. In all other respects, they are similar to the original Kentsfield.
  • Yorkfield XE: Yorkfield XE has an unlocked multiplier. The clock rate can reach 3.2 GHz; otherwise, it is similar to the original Yorkfield.
What are some features of Intel Core 2 Quad processors?

All Quad CPUs share the following features:

  • Enhanced SpeedStep Technology: A power-saving measure that automatically changes the speed and voltage of the processor, or its P-state, based on the demands of the software.
  • XD Bit: A security feature that marks specific areas of the memory as non-executable to prevent dangerous code from propagating through a network or computer system.
  • Intel Active Management: Information technology managers can monitor, repair, and protect networked assets remotely.
  • Virtualization: This allows you to create multiple virtual systems that share the CPU's resources.